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Shipco Transport Global Neutral NVOCC

What is Secure Login?
Secure Login is an enhanced service from Shipco. By using Secure Login, your data and details within STi-Online will be more secure.

Why should I use Secure Login?
Traditionally, information sent in a non secure web environment, can be accessed by others using various tools. By using Secure Login, all communication between you and our servers will be encrypted, making it virtually impossible for others to see private data.

You can see that Secure Login is enabled by the secured pad lock in your browser (lower right corner). What do I need to use Secure Login?
Secure Login requires a recent browser, such as Internet Explorer 6+ or Mozilla Firefox 1.0+. Secure login uses the https protocol, which runs on tcp port 443, so any firewalls need to have this port open.

Shipco has of course taken steps to make sure that this traffic is already allowed on our side.

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Shipco Transport Global Neutral NVOCC

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