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State Police prepare to post approved concealed carry firearms …

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. Illinois State Police (ISP) officials announced that on Monday, Sept.

30, the department will post a list of approved concealed carry firearms training curricula.

The approved curricula will be available on the ISP website at

The department has also developed a registry that includes information regarding approved instructors who have applied and successfully demonstrate they meet all of the statutory requirements. The registry only includes approved instructors who have submitted complete applications and have met all requirements.

To avoid delays in the approval process, the department stresses that applicants thoroughly proofread and fully answer all questions contained in the entire application before submitting the application.

Upon approval from the department, instructors will receive a packet containing instructions further explaining the curricula training process. A unique identification number will be issued to each instructor and for each approved curriculum. A Certificate of Completion form that the instructors will issue to class attendees upon successful completion of training will also be included in the packet.

Additionally, the department will be posting a list of department-approved training that is recognized by the laws of other states, so that instructors may use previously obtained credit hours for each approved curricula.

Individuals interested in applying for a concealed carry license must successfully complete approved training from an approved Illinois Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor.

Applications for a Concealed Carry License will be available in early January 2014.

The Illinois State Police regularly updates its Concealed Carry FAQ s with information regarding the Illinois Concealed Carry process.

Updates may be found at

Posted Sept.

20, 2013

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