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Breckland Free School Gets Official Go Ahead

Published: 25th January 2012 at 08.30

Breckland Free School, now to be called IES Breckland, has been given the official go-ahead to open September 2012. The full application, submitted by SABRES Educational Trust and their chosen Education Provider IES UK, was signed off by Lord Hill, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Education, on Tuesday 24th January after intial approval by Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education, on Monday.

After a three year struggle by the SABRES team to keep the site open as a school and as a hub of the community, the news was announced by Gordon Warnes, Leader of SABRES, at the beginning of the Parents’ Meeting – the news was greeted with rapturous applause and cheers from the audience.

Parents then heard from Principal Designate, Ms Sherry Zand, who outlined her vision for the school: “Our vision for IES Breckland is for it to be a stimulating, secure and inclusive centre of both academic and vocational excellence in which students from all backgrounds and faiths in Brandon and its surrounding area are equally valued. We will together create a school that has as its core focus the delivery of high quality secondary education for the children of Brandon and its surrounding area.

We want IES Breckland to be a school that supports each child to achieve better than they first thought possible. Our school will equip our students with the skills they need for a successful transition to either further education or future meaningful employment. IES Breckland will teach our students to be reflective, resourceful and resilient individuals who have high aspirations and self- esteem for themselves.”

SABRES’ Press Officer, Alicia Rickards said, “What we find most impressive about IES is their professionalism, their sincere dedication to education and their genuine commitment to our community.

They match exactly with our ethos, values and philosophies for our school. Their bid for the contract was outstanding including efficient budgeting, innovative, fresh and realistic ideas for our school and even plans to INVEST THEIR OWN CAPITAL, they are passionate about education and teaching young people is their vocation.”

Gordon Warnes, the Trust’s leader, said of IES UK: “We believe that they will deliver our vision of an all-inclusive community school with enthusiasm, dynamism and passion for the task in hand. They will raise educational aspirations and academic attainment of all students regardless of wealth or social background; they will focus on literacy and numeracy, bring a strong but fair disciplined approach and provide high quality pastoral care, building on the legacy of Breckland Middle School which closes in July 2012.

They plan to provide extensive opportunities for our young people who wish to take a vocational route and will maintain the site for use as a much-needed community hub outside of school hours.”

Matthew Hancock, MP for West Suffolk, added: “Everyone in Brandon can celebrate today’s news: that Breckland School will rise from the closure of the Middle School as a brand new Free School, to be run by an exceptional education provider IES. It is a huge boost for parents and pupils, and for the whole of Brandon.

“For too long Brandon has felt let down, and this decision is a moment when the town can look forward to the future with confidence. Brandon has much going for it, and after today’s decision, thanks to Michael Gove’s new Free School policy, the town can be confident of the future of its school.

“The SABRES campaign group deserve to be proud of their achievement after many years of painstaking and determined work.

They have done themselves and their community proud. Brandon s future starts here.”

Admissions to IES Breckland for children currently in Years 6, 7 and 8.

Letters along with an Application Form will be sent out by Suffolk County Council to all parents who have previously expressed an interest in the FREE school. Application Forms for families living in both Suffolk and Norfolk are also available to download from www.sabreseducationaltrust.com1 or collected from the reception desk at the current Breckland Middle School.

The form will need IES Breckland as your preferred choice and can be returned either to Breckland Middle School in the drop box OR post to: 7 Woodlands Rise, Brandon, Suffolk, IP27 0NU.

Confirmation of placement letters will be sent to all parents after 1st March 2012.

Once all 100 places per year group are filled in, all further applications will be dealt with according to our Admissions Policy – a copy of which is also available on our website.

Please feel free to contact us using this email address [email protected] and we will answer as quickly as possible.

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