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SIA Licence – Most affordable Security Guard Door Supervisor …

Security Guard

image textOur Security Guard Training will provide you with a nationally recognised level 2 award which enables you to apply for a Security Guard SIA Licence. Whilst this provides a good start in the industry we always recommend that customers choose the Door Supervisor course rather than the Security Guard course. The reason is simple – Door Supervisors can work as security guards but they can also work in licensed premises such as clubs, bars and festivals.
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Door Supervisor

image text Without doubt our most popular course, the Level 2 Award in Door Supervision is a nationally recognised qualification which will enable you to apply for a Door Supervisor SIA Licence.

Door Supervisors can work in a wide variety of locations including licenced premises and festivals – and they can also work as Security Guards.
If you’re looking for the best possible start in the security industry then the Door Supervisor course is ideal. You can get a great paying new job if you have the right qualification from a trusted provider. Click Here for Details

CCTV Operator

image textCCTV is a rapidly expanding area within the security industry with fantastic opportunities for those job seekers with the right qualification. Our Level 2 Award in Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) allows you to apply for a CCTV Operator SIA Licence which will open up a huge number of employment opportunities.
Employers are always seeking qualified CCTV operators to fill well paid, flexible and rewarding positions.

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Close Protection

image textIf you are truly serious about a career in the security industry and are looking for a highly paid, exciting and challenging role, then Close Protection Training could be for you. The Level 2 Award in Close Protection is the ultimate security qualification and allows candidates to apply for a Close Protection SIA Licence.
Whether it’s guarding high profile celebrities, businessmen or diplomats, the role of a Close Protection Operative is never boring. Book today for your chance to change your career and change your life. Click Here for Details

Personal Licence

image textFor those looking to forge a career in the booming hospitality sector the Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH) qualification is a must.

This qualification allows holders to apply for their Personal Licence which is a sure ticket to career progression if you work in a licensed premises.
Personal Licence holders are in demand from London to Edinburgh so book today and secure your place in the UK’s thriving hospitality industry. Click Here for Details


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SIA Licence – Most affordable Security Guard Door Supervisor …

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