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Full disclosure: My friend runs Escape the Wolf1, and they re a sponsor of ours but they didn t pay for me to write this. I m writing about their new App because it s really fucking cool.

I just downloaded Wolf s Photo Trap this weekend, and have already detected my girlfriend messing with stuff she shouldn t.

The App was developed with input from experts at the highest levels of government espionage, and you can bet your ass a few NSA folks already have it, and Merkel2 wished she had it six months ago.

What is it, and why should you try it out? It let s you take a picture of any environment (hotel room, office, etc.), re-take another picture later, and compare changes to the two images, resulting in the detection of changed environment, or not.

Escape The Wolf Photo Trap

Potential civilian uses:

  • Bad nanny
  • Crap roommate
  • Kids in the liquor cabinet
  • Nosy girlfriend (been there, done that)
  • Gun security
  • Fun
  • Privacy protection

When I asked the CEO of Wolf for some more recommendations I could share with the SOFREP folks, he gave me the list below.

Enjoy, and go get the Photo Trap App3, it s only $ 0.99. At this price, it s worth every penny.

Escape the Wolf Spy Apps Escape the Wolf s Top Mobile Apps for the Security Conscious Person

Silent Circle Secure Communications4

Silent Circle offers encrypted phone, text messaging, file transfer and video chat services. The user gets a 10-digit phone number that works on Android or Apple devices.

The company does not keep a log of phone calls, which means that a law enforcement request even for so-called metadata is likely to be futile.

Photo Trap Tamper Detection5

Photo Trap is an innovative security app that allows the user to determine if any tampering, disturbance or nosiness occurred while away. Basically, the app will tell you if someone has been messing with your stuff. Great for hotel stays (luggage), roommate situations (your bedroom), keeping children in check (the liquor cabinet), office spaces (cleaning services), and millions of other situations where you might think someone is digging in your drawers.

Life360 Safety and Tracking6

Life360 offers a location service, which allows families to keep tabs on their members locations through geofencing technology.

For instance, when junior arrives home from school, mom and dad get a text message notification that he has arrived. The app also allows secure messaging, calls, and conference calls so the whole family can participate.

1Password Secure Password Management7

Trying to remember multiple passwords can be difficult.

1Password asks users to remember only a master password, and then ensures that application credentials are kept as secure as possible.

iDiscreet Data Encryption8

One of the great things about iDiscrete is that it allows users to choose for themselves what kind of data needs to be kept secure. The application keeps certain files and folders password-protected and backed up, ensuring data is kept private from any intruders.

Norton Mobile Security Firewall for Phones9

Norton Mobile Security comes from Symantec, and delivers many of the same security features found in the company s desktop applications, including protection against data theft, loss, and the ability to backup data.

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