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Miley Cyrus Beyonce Diss Package Not True – Guardian Liberty Voice

Miley Cyrus Beyonce Diss Package Not True

Miley Cyrus may be courting controversy in order to propel her career forward, but, her Beyonce diss package is not true. The 21 year-old singer had been quoted as saying that she is the new package, the one not spoiled by childbirth and all the peripheral damage that causes. Sounds catty, egotistical and controversial.

Unfortunately it is not true.

At least according to Miley it isn t.

Apparently the former Hannah Montana went on the attack in a United Kingdom magazine interview. She was quoted as saying that Beyonce may be on top of her game right now, but, it would not be long before Cyrus knocked her off the top of the pop mountain.

The quotes went on to state that Miley was curvier and that she was the whole package. As deliberately b*tchy as all that sounds, it also does not sound like Cyrus at all.

Even without the ex Disney television star getting on Twitter to complain about people putting words into her mouth, it is obvious that Miley did not make those tacky comments about Beyonce.

In the past Cyrus has gone on the offensive to attack those who she felt were treading on her lacquered toes. Take Sinead O Connor for example. When the 47 year-old Irish singer posted an open letter to Cyrus on her Facebook page, the Wrecking Crew singer took the Nothing Compares 2 You artist to task on Twitter.

Miley s campaign was tacky, but, it was aimed right at the older singer s problems.

Her alleged attack on Beyonce spends a little too much time on how great she is compared to Queen B. So according to Cyrus, her diss on Beyonce is not true and, further more, the idea that she felt she was curvier and better looking that the 32 year-old performer is just crazy; again according to Miley.

The quotes were allegedly made during Miley s Love magazine interview, which, according to the magazine s rep were never made and are not part of the fashion publication s March article.

That Cyrus was annoyed at the false quotes is obvious when looking at her Twitter account. She tweeted no less than four times about how upset she was at the allegations.

One of the quotes had Miley saying that Beyonce was a great inspiration to her, but, now she needed to make way for the total package that Cyrus allegedly claimed to be.

The Adore You singer ended her Twitter tantrum by saying that she would be getting down to the bottom of this attempt to start a war between the two singers. Fans of Cyrus would have doubted the veracity of the alleged quotes immediately, so apparently the hater who spread the rumor was aiming at a different target.

The performer has been working hard to change her image of being a squeaky clean goody-two-shoes. Her focus, however, has had more to do with her sexualizing her image.

Cyrus has been concentrating on personal nudity and her sexual awareness. Her transformation is all about drugs, sex and money; not about attacking other established stars.

Miley Cyrus diss package attack on Beyonce is not true. She has not claimed to be the heir apparent to Beyonce s throne and she is going to get to the bottom of this whole obvious smear campaign designed to cause problems between the two.

It is clearly just a matter of time before Cyrus finds out who is responsible and then watch this space.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom





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