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Not enough police official news? | Wisbech

I was just in a near miss with a car whilst riding my bike. The driver was in a left hand drive car and talking on a mobile phone. He did a u turn outsid the main post office and then parked on a double yellow line.

When I remonstrated with him he became abusive. I have reported the matter to Wisbech Police station including a full description of the driver and the car. I was given the clear impression by the civilian in the reception area that little if nothing would be done.

I wait to be surprised as I am happy to give a formal statement and appear as a awitness in a prosecution. However, with such negative vibes it does make me wonder whether it is worthwhile reporting crime.

Whilst talking to the receptionist I also mentioned the driver of the car had no lights on but that went for a lot of the drivers I have seen today whilst cycling even though there is thick fog. I offered the view that this in itself was an offence and I was surprised that the police did not stop such motorists and offer a warning and advice.

The receptionist said there were not enough police.

This is becoming a standard reply whenever low end offences are reported to the Police so perhaps the OIC of Wisbech Police could offer an opinion on how road saftey in Wisbech can be improved if local police are too busy to deal with minor traffic offences.

Perhaps a winter driving awareness campaign with the support of CCC and FDC?

Given the cost of policing to Cambridgeshire tax payers has increased in this financial year I think we have the right to expect better.

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Posted on 22 January 2014, by Bob Smith.


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