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To ensure that home security is guaranteed, top equipment can be used. While there are many equipments made with the sole purpose of securing a home, a number are worth mentioning.

Intercom systems

With the huge number of modern intercom systems, it is possible to answer a door from an intercom speaker ensuring that you do not allow anyone into the house or run to the door to know who is knocking. Intercom systems are also implemented in monitoring a sick room or the baby s room while allowing communication across the whole house.

They come with facilities for control from a master or central station. The master or central station comes with an LCD display showing radio and time frequency and it is capable of playing background music across the entire home. Essentially, most intercom systems include a central station and front door monitoring with a number of internal stations, rear external station and even a door chime.

Interior protection devices

You will find myriad protection devices that can keep the home safe inside out through quality protection.

Most of these devices are availed by security companies that services, monitors, installs and designs their own security systems. In case an intrusion is detected in a business or home, these devices have interior protection features strategically placed inside and immediately send alerts to the homeowner or central monitoring platform. These include motion detectors capable of catching any kind of movement mostly accomplished through passive infrared technology.

LCD keypad display

This disarms, arms the device or simply lets it continue sounding alarms.

It comes with buttons for medical, fire and police contacts. Most have chime alerts giving sounds once a door has been opened.

Wireless key fob

A key fob comes in handy in arming or disarming a security system and also works as an ideal panic alarm.

Motion detectors

They use infrared technology to ensure movements across the house or outside are detected. While looking for the right motion detector, choose one that is not affected by any type of movement, such as a bird, pet or thrown stone by looking for those that are friendly to pets.

Such a detector is intelligent enough to differentiate an intruder from a pet by analyzing the shape and speed of the potential intruder.

Panic buttons

These are devices to carry around a compound or home. With a single push an alarm can be set off or signals sent to the monitoring center. Also, if you have a sick person in your home, a panic button is ideal since it ensures you have received alerts in case of a medical emergency perhaps to call a rapid response ambulance unit or a close relative.

Carbon monoxide and fire detection

These equipments come with fire detection and home security features accessed through an LCD display keypad that sets it to remain as it is, disarms or arms it.

They feature medical, fire and police buttons including chime alerts that give sound every time a door has been opened.

Heat rise indicator

Through this device, rapid changes in temperature are detected especially in furnaces and kitchens sending notifications or sounding an alarm.

Mark is a technician who provides security Alarm Monitoring Services1 for premium properties and has years of experience in this field.

His knowledge in this field inspires him to sometime blog about the evolution of security systems for home.

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