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God-Des She at Hershee Bar Gay Richmond News …

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Hip-hop/pop/soul duo God-Des & She have enough energy and talent to light up a stage. They ve caught the attention of industry and listeners ever since they appeared on Showtime s The L Word and grabbing the No.

1 spot on MTV LOGO with their song Love You Better. They ve shared the stage with Lady Gaga, SIA and Salt N Pepa and are already massing a legion of fans.

God-Des & She will be performing live at Hershee Bar in Norfolk on Saturday, June 4.

Check out their video for their new single Love Machine.

Andrew Cothern is a music lover and media professional in Richmond, Va.

specializing in photography and video production.

Check out his music blog Richmond Playlist3.


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God-Des She at Hershee Bar Gay Richmond News …

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