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Secure Minds Security Training Course Online Training Courses

In today s modern society the need to stay better qualified than your peers through continual professional development has never been stronger due to the economic climate and financial constraints placed on us. It is difficult to get away on courses due to cost, time constraints and family commitments and with businesses increasing their demands on employees, only the experienced and qualified remain employed.

Secure Minds are partnered with IQ (Industry Qualifications) in order to support learners by providing accredited training courses, IQ are one of the fastest growing awarding bodies in the UK and are committed to quality and professional development.

Secure Minds facilitates interactive online e-learning courses for those that don t have the time, finances or opportunity to attend centre based training courses. This platform caters for those that want to enhance their knowledge in particular subjects such as security management training1, private investigator training2 , anti piracy course3, many other courses, either to gain level 3 qualifications, or bolt on credit units4 and basic introduction courses5.

This e-learning platform supports a dedicated learning management system (LMS) which provides video, audio and full interaction as well as lesson remembrance so that when you log off the system remembers where you are in your training.

To get a true feel and idea of the training value secure minds provides click on the tabs below to get an e-learning overview:


  1. ^ security management training (
  2. ^ private investigator training (
  3. ^ anti piracy course (
  4. ^ bolt on credit units (
  5. ^ introduction courses (

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Secure Minds Security Training Course Online Training Courses

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