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Security Guard recruitment agencies

A Security Guard is employed to ensure properties, businesses, company assets and individuals are protected and kept safe. Security guards will generally wear a uniform to identify their role and will be expected to monitor premises to safeguard against any criminal and unauthorised activities.

A company looking to employ a security guard will be looking for a trustworthy, honest individual. CRB checks are common place for those being recruited in a security role and many jobs will require individuals to have SIA (Security Industry Authority) accreditation before considering them for relevant employment.

Security guards need to have a keen eye and be naturally observant as many of these jobs involve camera surveillance and working with equipment that monitors the premises you would are ultimately responsible for.

Other security roles involve monitoring members of the public in shops and supermarkets.

These roles will require someone who is able to display proper training when it comes to dealing with individuals who may be engaging in theft, suspicious behavior or any other illegal activities.

Security guards can also be expected to have some sort of emergency medical training along with evacuation training as can be called to assist in these sorts of circumstances.

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Security Guard recruitment agencies

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