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Close Protection Bodyguard

In a world with ever increasing crime levels it is of paramount importance that individuals and companies have a security solution to protect what is most precious to them.

Every Close Protection (Bodyguard) working today, must hold a vaild SIA Licence and carry out continious professional development.

General security s range of Close protection services includes:

  • Organising and implementing secure travel procedures
  • Intelligence and operational support
  • Executive, employee, workforce protection and security
  • In-country logistical support
  • Asset escorting and transportation
  • Compound and premises security
  • Protection of TV journalists and Film crews on location assignments
  • Advanced Security Driving to include Anti-Surveillance (chauffer services)
  • Security Advance Party (SAP) duties which includes use of k9 detection teams
  • Residential Protection Teams (K9 protection team where required)

Our personnel are experienced, fully qualified; licensed and vetted to carry out any duties in any location ensuring the safety of all concerned.

A well Trained Bodyguard has the ability and experience to work anywhere in the world, in all environments from basic to extreme dependant on the given situation.

All of our services are adaptable, sustainable and appropriate to any given situation, environment or location.

The key to the smooth running of a client’s Personal security is planning and preparation, coupled with good situation awareness.

  • Your Bodyguard will constantly be updating themselves with relevant information and adapting to your environment allowing them to be one step ahead and foreseeing issues and problems, dealing with them and allowing you to move on, hassle free

From one-on-one protection to building close protection teams – we provide a level of cover to suit you and your specific requirements:

  • Female and Male bodyguards
  • Personal Security
  • Low and High Profile close protection teams
  • Security Drivers/Chauffeurs
  • Security Audits and Surveys

The way your bodyguard works depends on how he or she is employed, in what environment, under what circumstances and by the use of correct equipment; which is deemed necessary for the task in hand.

We can deploy teams at short notice and for any length of time.

A qualified Bodyguard can work:

  • Individually in isolation (BG)
  • Individually alongside a trained driver
  • As the central part of a Close Protection Team (PES).

Many of our personnel are fluent in several languages and are available upon special request.

If you are looking for experienced Close Protection Officer known as Bodyguard in Gravesend, Dartford, Kent, London, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and or across UK, Oversea.

We are an SIA Approved Close Protection Company providing professional SIA Licensed Cloose Protection in your Area.

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