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Palladium Times Friday September 11 1959 Page 5

Palladium-Times (Newspaper) – September 11, 1959, Oswego, New York Many State Fair Ribbons Won By Oswego County 4-H Members Some 30 members ol the Dsuego Counfy 4-H clubs ex- hibited projects at the New Ifork State fair in Syracuse this year where they reached commendable ratings. The following shows the name of the exhibitor, address, project, and rating: David Kehoe, Sandy Creek, canned fruit, good; Judy Hil- ton, Pulaski, canned fruit, blue ribbon. Nancy VonGeldern, Sandy Creek, canned vegetables, red; Karen Kehoe, Sandy Creek, canned vegetables, blue; Judy Hilton, Pulaski, canned veg- etables, red.

Lona Caster, Lacona, jam, red; Nancy VonGeldern, Sandy Creek, jam, red; Lona Caster, Lacona, jelly, red. Linda Ginn, Mexico, plain muffins, red; Linda Vrooman, Mexico, plain muffins, red; Irving Maltby, Pulaski, baking i powder biscuits, red Janet Weber, Mexico, quick bread, red; Bonnie Halsey, Pu- laski, quick bread, red; Mary Jane Clark, Pulaski. chiffon cake, red.

Mary Jane Clark. Puiaski, molasses cookies, wonhj. Phil- lip Woodruff, oatmeal cookies, red; Kathy Parker.

Mexico, rolled sugar cookies. red: Kathy McGaffick. Rich- land, refrigerator cookies, wor- thy: Lillian Spencer.

Mexico. refrigerator ied Janet Weber. Mexico, home- made sweets, red; Caio!

Kehoe. Sandy Creek, homemade red. Sandra P.iid-ki.

apron, blue; Janet Weber. Mex- ico, shorts, red; .Jean T’ibbs. Richland.

shorts, red’ Murray. Fern wood bi’if Linda Pn’xfki. die.- red: Judy Hilton P red; So.cer Mexico.

dress, red. Linda Woo-iiuff. Mexico, red.

Caroh-n Potter. Orwell, tail- ored jacket, worthy; Muriel Clark, Orwell, draperies, red; Muriel Clark, Orwell, bed- spread, blue; Lois Salisbury, Pulaski, slip cover, blue. Murial Clark, Orwell, chair, blue; David Smith, Richland, chair, blue; David Smith, Rich- land, magazine rack, blue; Al- he Youngs, Mexico, chair, red.

Muriel Clark, Orwell, table, blue; James Mitchell, Mexico, letter rack, blue; James Palm- er, Mexico, letter rack, blue; Charles Sade, Mexico, letter rack, red; Malcom Bailey, Mex- ico, ‘letter rack, red. William Spencer, Mexico, lamp, worthy; Charles Spicer, Mexico, keyboard, worthy; Carl Spicer. Mexico, wastebasket, blue; Malcom Bailey, Mexico, corner shelf, worthy.

Daniel Spicer. Mexico, key- board, worthy: William Hagen, Mexico, nut bowl, worthy; Don- ald Spicer. Mexico, stool, red; James Chorley, Mexico, rack, blue.

Sally Cutuli of Maple View received a blue ribbon for vegetable demonstration. The Oswego County vegetable team placed in the state Diane Grattet ot Pulaski re- ceived a red ribbon m the Hoi- stem class for cattle. Mercury Drops 33 Degrees In 20-Hour Period Yesterday about 10 a.

m. the wind direction switched to nofth and the velocity com- mencer to pick up speed to start the heat retreat which resulted in a 33-cleKree temperature drop in 20 hours. Lake Ontario was kicking up plenty of rough water tor any adventurous sailor today, hav- ing started yesterday noon tossing up white-caps, always a prcttv sight tor the landlub- bers who like to watch tiie lake from the shore parking areas.

Bv late morning today A engage there was still a tour-loot; ment ot Miss Ann Lorraine SYRACUSE FIRM LOW 0V COLLEGE PROJECT Timbeilo Fnterprisrs. Inc, F.a-i submitted yes- terday’a low bid ot for imprcnenvrits of grounds.

Dormitory Buildings 43 and 41 III ar the Oswego State Timers.ty College of Kducat.on. FKe bids were submitted TO the State De- partment oi Public Works at Albaru. rolling swell.

Yesterday atter- noon saw many prospective slimmers return to their cars when they found heavy smashing onto the shores wes: ot the city limits. The wind velocity this morn- ing at 10 was 24 miles. It had i hit 28 mph during the night.

A study of temperature read- ings reilects the end of the heat wave. At noon it was 88 degrees and early in the alternoon it 93 Then a ton-decree drop was registered 4pm. and 8 D.

m. it was 72 degrees. The mercury continued to iall, reaching 67 at midnight and 65 at 8 a.

m. today, having held fan’lv stcadv from midnight until early this morning. At I 10 todav it was still lower, I beins 60 degrees.

The barometer on the Sweeney has been announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs Mortimer Sweeney ot 65 East Fourth St. Miss Sweeney’s liancee is Raymond Porter, son of Mrs.

Flora May Porter of Littleton, Mass. No date for the wedding has been set (Photo by Eght Youths Enter Service Eiglit OSVVCKO County >ouths recently joined the U. S.

Army under a wide variety ol choices, according to area recruiter Sgt. Joseph J. Four ot thLs number joined under the Army’s Buddy Plan.

which permits qualilied appli- cants to enter service and re- main together during basic training only. The quartet in- cludes Brian D. Smith, son of Mr.

and Mrs. ‘George A. Smith. Phoenix RD 1: Richard G.

Lewis, son ol Harold G. Phoenix; George 67 East Fourth St.. Oswesjo.

son of George B. Marturano, and Harry L. Witchley.


9. Hamilton Homes, son of Mrs. Althea M.

Dixon. Smith chose Medical Care and Treatment and Lewis selected Special As- signment. Other members of the group include Arthur J.

Dunn, son of Norris F. Dunn. Fulton RD 4, THE milD.UM-TIMES II.

OnMg.i. M Y.

8 RICHARD LEWIS, (left) AND BRIAN’ D. SMITH TO PLAN CANVASS Big Variety On Public Market The Oswego Public Market, located at the former Water Department garage on West First St., tomorrow- son of Mr.

and Mrs. Lloyd) Hackett, Fulton RD 1. who I chose Construction Equipment j Operation: James A.

Boyer. i son of Mr. and Mrs.

Frank A Boyer.

2O6 West Second Si. Oswego, who elected to attend; a. direct school m General j Ciphony Repair, and Kdwaidj L.

Johnson, 79 East Seventh! St.. Oswego.

son o! Ralph D. Church 14 Supper meetings for leaders and workers in parish I Member Cam asses u ill be held m 10 areas 01 the Episcopal Diocev ol Central New York next week.


14-18. Ei-hop Malcolm K. Peabody and Bishop Coadjutor-elect Walter M.

Higley. will lead the meetings in each parish and TO HONOR LKAOERS Junior Chiunlwr Will Honor 300 Tarty Sept.

30 A cocktail party for 300 eomniuniiy leader in industry, education and commerce ii IXMIIK planned by the Junior Chamber ot Commerce. It will he held Sunday.

Sept. ’20 from to 5 p m. at the Fort- night Club as H gesture of ap- for the citixens who c’0-oporated with the J C.’s m i heir various over the The board of the Jr. Cham- ber reports H large response already to the invitations re- cently sen!

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LinesviLe RD h-a o( eakcis the Dp. Fixed station of Promotion will t u i n i h information to a> they can’t pay, overnight lows of 47. Elsewhere-bread.

35 cents, in the state the mescury’ Plants this week are Afri- hoveied in the 50s. except in can 50 cents and SEEKS SUPERVISORSHIP J. Donovan.

66 Fitth Ave., is the Democratic candi- date for Supervisor in the First Ward. A veteran of World War II. he served overseas in smithf daughter of Dr.

Norris Goldsmith, and and the against them. Cecil Pixor. a mechanic of -t 10 vears For urior to that he reoair HP a native married and has Wednesday Sept.

16 the New York City area where eacn- rosebud begonias.

35 and it uas in the 50 cnet-: geraniums and sala- at Lawience College.

35 Hart St.. Oswego. Hied a Industrial Club pinei- Gift articles are pillowcases.

doiues and aprons. MUSIC BY THE ONTARIO FOUR Prizes lor Best Dancers REFRESHMENTS SERVED Fun For All From 8 to 80 SCRIBA FARM MARKET North Side Rotrte 104 1 Miles East of City Line Yes, They’re Here Now! LARGE SIZE ELBERTA PEACHES Bosket Vi lu.



Healy of the Cy- clothei-m Corp. is president, with William A Greguay of Ames Iron Works vice presi- dent and Donald E. Haynes of Oswego Castings Co..

sec- retary-treasurer. Dr.” Jerry J. Belden will be guest speaker next Monday taking Industrial Health as his topic.

It has Appleton, will oiler mo marimba solos: Prelude ‘Fairest Silesian Folk petition with debts 01 SI.579 and no assets. The nine cred- itors include Benelicial Finance Co oi GsAego, and M. NAMED TO NIAGARA MOHAWK POST The appointment of Richard UAnrlau WITH OUR SERVICEMEN MdrtS MOnaay NORFOLK va. (FHTNO- Marine Sgt.

Joseph R. Gurnej, Fall program of the Indus-‘ repieventing the Landing Force trial Club will be initiated jiaming Unit. Atlantic, won Monday.


14 at p. m. j tne gtatf Xon-Coramissioned oincers Filth District Aiea Technique oi Instruction competition held at the Ma- une Eanaiks, jS’axal Base, Xoriolk, Va.

Guiney, the son of Mi’s. Mar- guerite Guiney ot 119 Mo- hawk St., Oswego, X. Y., and husband oi tne iormer Miss El- eanor S.

Stemnebel ol Detroit, Mich., will compete in the Re- gional Competition to be held j at Camp Lejeune, X. C-, sep- 6ct 1? will be Community j ternber 8-11.

Xight On that occasion. Fred-i This contest sponsored by erick J Garahan plant man-1 the .Marine Corps ager at Cyclotherm will d is-, and Leatherneck cuss the obligation 10 the com- munity of industrial employes and management. A visit to the plant of the Nestle Co.

in Fulton has been Lord Song: offertory. “The Ca- Goldberg Sons oi Fulton. j Q McMullen as an area de- mille Saint-Saens. j botn -ecured: Ward Dubois, j renresentative for The male trio, consisting oi j S3W.

Dr. John k Pow” r Cor- John.on Cooper, Wai ace Parts. S300.

andI’ t announced Clark and Cameron Widng L. D. ellington, all of Jr., will sing “Praise Ye The Oswego.

Father” by Gounod, and Mrs. is held annually to tne best instructors in the en- listed Maime Corps. Betoie enlisting in January Vera Clark church organist, will offer “Postlude1 by tJste as the postlude.

The trustees w ill meet fol- low ing the worship hour. On Tuesday, the membe.s of the Guild will meet at P. m.

for a dish sup- per. A cordial imitation is ex- tended to college students and to faculty members to wor- ship at the Congregational Church. Many New Books At Citv Librarv C.

Cooper, a truck dmer o: 33 Soutn Second St. Ba- I Fulton, asks relea-e trom debts jot S2.528 in a petition tiled bj h.m. He has exempt assets ot 5250.

The 12 creditors include U. S. Seaboard Fi- nance Co., secured lor Furniture Co..

S500: G. E. Credit Union.

S145: Sears. Roebuck So. and Kir- hy Center, 9160.

all of Syra- cuse: Henry’s Jewelers and Goldberg’s, Inc, ol Fulton. Guy B O.-, borne, a truck driver Fulton filed a petition with debts ol S2 781 and exempt ot by Arthur Evans, vice pres- ident for Niagara Mohawk. Mr.

McMullrn joined Niagara in 1950 as a techni- cian at the company’s Huntlej Steam Station in the Town ot He completed Niagara Mohawk’s auxiliary supervisory development pro- gram in 1957 and subsequently held staff po.-itions in the com- In his new post. Mr. Mc.Mul- len will work with company managers and with civic offi- cials, chambers of commeice and other groups such as Oper- Oswego on area develop- and mecnamc ot RD 3.

j menl progiarnSi particularly to n. lormOl’iy Ol (WwegO. thp nvnansinn S2.30.

The 1951, graduated New books culatio. Sept.

14 going into cir- at R include: both o cieditois include Trust Co. rial Finance Co, secured, and J.

R. all of Fulton. encourage the expansion ot business and industry in the communities served by Kiag- ara Mohawk.

8 P. M. Robinson Auditorium Sponsored by Oswego Benefit Boys’ and Girls’ Activities Donation Reserved Seats Tickets Available at Ange’s Luggage Sterio’s Mens Shop Dowd’s Insurance Economy Wallpaper Marine Midland Banki Vona’s Shoe Shop Boys’ Town Anv Kiwanian CITIZENSHIP DAY Rocke- Nu Dang and of !he Osuego of lice of tie Social Security administration j uill address the club on Jan.

LSX. son James L. VINEYARD FRESH HOME GROWN CONCORD GRAPES By Bunch, Basket or Bushel CRABAPPLES FOR JELLY AND JAM APPLES WEALTHY EARLY MAC’S GRAVENSTEIN JERSEY SWEET PLEASE NOTE Bring Own Containers for Bushel and Bushd Purchases Due to cost of thpte we find it neressary to re- quest si deposit on ‘j “ir.e, 15r deposit on bu.

size. FARM WESH GARDEN VEGETAIIES COOKING ONIONS By Pound or Peck Also 50-lb. GREEN PEPPERS 6 for 25c 75ePk.-S2.75Bu.


slated as Progress j He will talk on “Thf Xew So-! i cial Security of Today.” On Feb.

15. Management Xight, Thomas A Cloutier.

j business manager of the Os-1 Palladium-Times will talk j on newspaper publishing. j Dennis Dwyer. personnel di- i rector of Obordorfer Foundries, j Inc.

and Oswego Castings Co j will talk on “The Business j Climate and What you Can Do j about It.” compan-v NORFOLK. Va. (FHTNO Lockwood. seaman.

01 Mr. and Mrs. Lockw ood of 286 Oswego, X.Y., ;a the attack air- earner USS Indepen- and Dr ic Fleet out of Nortolk, Atianuc TICLL Va Newest of the Navy’s super Entertainment on April 11.

Ladies Xight. will be furnish- ed by the Boy d family. Dr.

and O. Royd and j their three children, Fergy. Bill and Susan.

in mid-October. KAMI SF.YA, Japan (FHT Joseph E. Frataccia.

FKOSH WELCOMED Install Banner Across West First St. communications technician sec- ond class, USX. of 62 N Fourth Fulton, N.

Y., is scrvin” at the Naval Commun- ication Facility. Kami Seya, Japan, which in August was lhe recipient ot the Ney Me- morial Award for the rnosi HOME SKIT.

12-20 ALBANY UP) ‘Home Week” will be observed in New York State Sept.

12-20 by proclamation of Gov. Rocke- feller.

HP said Thursday new homes were “a source ol strciiRlh to our country and a source of hall in the Navy. This marks the second con- secutive year that the facility has received Navy-wide recog- nition for its food preparation and service. Last year it re- ceived an honorable mention. “SIUS meM- Frosh” has been erected across the street in First St., just north of Mohawk St.

by the Retail Merchants Bureau of the Oswego Chamber of Commerce. The banner, which in- stalled through the cooperation of Fire Chiet Monte Lass and Commissioner Robert TI. Tur- ner of lhe Department ol Works the greetings of Oswego merchants to the record-breaking entering class at the college.

Individual welcome posters are also being displayed by the stores. the satisfaction to those who habit them.” in- Baptist To Resume nlnr Servk-w Sunday Sunday, Sept. West’ Baptist church at corner of West Mohawk and West Third Sts., will resume its regular fall schedule.

Sun- day church school will be at 9-45 a. m. and morninR wor- ship will be at 11 a.

m. Be- cause ot a county-wide Youth Planning Meeting in the North Scriba Baptist church on Sept. IS the West Baptist Youth Fellowships will not start reg- ular programs until Sept.

20. Rally Day and Church School Promotion Day is planned tor Sept.

27 and a special program is being planned for World Wide Communion Sunday on Oct.

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Clean Clarence; Fry. Secret ot the Ron Mor Skerry; Goll. Fly.

Redwing, Fly; Goudey, IIouse> From the Sea; Graham. Mad- cap Jeanie; Graham, Thai Big Broozer. Hays, The Little Horse That Raced A Tram; Hendrich.

Trudy’s First Day at Camp: Hotf, Sammy the Seal; Holt, The Adventures oi Rmaldo. Jensen. Lars-Peter’s Birthday Kirn, Leopard On A String; Kuskun.

Just Like Everyone Eke; Lattimore. The Fisher- man’s Son; Leach. The Thinu.s at the Foot ot the Bed; Lind- gren, Sia Lives on Kiliman- jaro; Lines.

A Ring of Tales; McLeod. Clancy’s Witch; Mar- kovia, Jannot, a French Rah- bit; Meader, The Voyage 01 the Javelin; Memlmg, The Lit- tie Bear’s Mother; Parker, i The Duke of Sycamore; Place. Hold Back the Hunter: Politi.

j Saint Francis and the Ani- mals. Sasek, This is Paris; Schlein. j The Haggle Taggle Fellow; Smith, An Edge ot the Forest; Steele, Andy Jackson’s Water Weil; Steele, The Secret of Crossbono Hill; Sterling, Mary Jane; Stinctorf, Musa, the Shoemaker- Stolz, Kmmett’s Pig; Tabak, A Fish Ls Not a Pet; Treece.

Perilous Pilgrim- age; Udry, The Moon Jumpers; Underbill. Boaverbird; Ungor- r poU.ons ucre Day” in York State. He said the orig- through Hilhck Hillick, Ful-j designated by Congress, ton.

I set to “bring home 10 both and older citizens composer of ”The wrote his best Hande-l. Messiah.” known oratorio in only 24 Reason: ho was hnnkrupt and needed in a hurry. a iuller realization of their obligations and responsi-j bilities as well as their privi- leges.

er, Adelaid; the Little Umvin, Poquito. Mexican Duck; Verne. Michael Strogoff; V roe- ken, The Boy Who Would Not Say His Narw; Weil.

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