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Prepaying Excess Baggage

6. Re: Prepaying Excess Baggage – can you do it?

I took Kuwait Airways back from Malaysia1 earlier this year. I had about 100 kg of baggage – well over the amount that they would accept without a surcharge. Our conversation went something like this: “How much luggage am I allowed to bring and what will the excess baggage surcharges amount to? ” “ignore the ticket, actually, you’re allowed 25 kg per passenger.

We give you a grace of 5 kg, so you can take 30 kg without incurring surcharges.” So, I brought up my bags to be weighed, and he said “Oh! Well, the 30 kg is per bag, not per passenger. Looks as if you’ve got about 90 kg in three bags, so it’s no problem.

And you get the grace amount of another 10 kg, so no extra charges for you!” They also were totally unconcerned about the obvious, that I had three carry-on bags (and another 20 kg’s or so stuffed in them). I can’t recommend Kuawit Airways enough for how this was handled – and I was flying coach, not first-class! It helped that they also offered the least expensive flights between KL and the USA.

It was nice not to have to cough up several hundred dollars in excess baggage surcharges and still fly a good airline.

I suppose that part of that depends on how full the flight is booked and is at the discretion of the staff, to a point, on how lenient they choose to be.

However, I suspect that with almost any other airline, I would have gotten hit with a surcharge of around US$250 per bag.


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