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New Remix David Guetta Feat.


Titanium 1024x1024 *New Remix* David Guetta Feat. Sia Titanium (Nemo and Mister Black Remix)

The dubstep Iowa Kings of Crunk bring us their newest remix and it is a beast. Nemo and Mister Black (originally from Minnesota) give David Guetta s very poppy house track an evil side with some of the nastiest wobbles I ve ever hear, and a filthy bass line that completely takes over the track.

It s a polar opposite of the original track, in a good way; with really just a small riff from the original melody, and the vocals utilized perfectly throughout the track.

It s a great listen, and a free download, so scope it and enjoy!

Connect with Nemo & Mister Black

Nemo Soundcloud | Mister Black Soundcloud12

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