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Ahead of the introduction of Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) in September, local educational catering supplier Norse Commercial Services has announced a 90% retention rate on existing contracts and the award of a number of new school and academy agreements.

Norse is the leading schools catering supplier in East Anglia, catering for around 290 local authority and academy Primary Schools in Norfolk. The company currently serves over 19,300 meals a day, 1600 a day more than for the same period last year.

This number is forecast to rise to around 25,000 meals per day once UIFSM comes into force with the new academic year.

Norfolk is a natural larder when it comes to the variety, quality and taste of its produce and we are proud to have been awarded silver accreditation for the Soil Associations Food for Life, which means over 75% of our menus are cooked from scratch, commented Norse Commercial Director Terrance Isaac-Griffiths.

This is tremendous news for local children; it means that an increasing number of pupils are getting nutritional and varied school meals every day. The take-up of infant school meals is a lot higher than that in similar, largely rural counties, he added.

We work in close conjunction with head teachers to increase school meal up-take, as we know the positive impact of having a healthy, balanced meal at lunch time can have on growth, development and engagement in the classroom, as well as developing good food habits from a young age.

I believe this existing high take-up of the school meal option is down to a combination of factors, TIG said: the popularity of the new flexible menus we introduced last year, quality ingredients, food presentation and our Managers really engaging with schools and understanding what each school s individual requirements are.

It s initiatives like this that mean we are the first choice for school meals in East Anglia



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