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SIA and police target Norfolk venues

Pubs and clubs across Norfolk were the latest target of police and the Security Industry Authority (SIA) in the clampdown on unlicensed doorstaff.

But police in the region said the majority of pubs in the region were now operating within the law.

Twenty-eight licensed venues were visited by the authorities on Friday April 22, where six of the 58 doorstaff checked were found without a licence.

One Norwich licensee is being investigated following the crackdown, as part of Norfolk police’s Harrier enforcement partnership with the SIA.

During the raids, police and SIA investigators offered guidance to door teams on the application process.

Inspector Gavin Tempest, co-ordinating officer, said: “We found one in 10 door supervisors were not licensed, so the majority are operating within the law and showing their motivation to meet the high standards required for the safety of the public in pubs and clubs.”

Meanwhile the SIA held a workshop for doorstaff last week in Fulham, South London.

The session, which included representatives from the SIA, the police and local authorities, was organised to help doorstaff complete the forms for obtaining a new door supervisor licence.

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SIA and police target Norfolk venues

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