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What is an OFSP??

Tanya Cothran 5 days ago

OFSP? Orange flesh sweet potato. Or, as I call them, those vegetables that are really tasty baked and topped with butter!

W Read More1

What I’m grateful for this week

Tanya Cothran 2 weeks ago

Is anyone else having a week where there seems to be too much bad news in the world? Time to record some things I’m grateful for, Read More2

What s in a smile?

Tanya Cothran 3 weeks ago

The bright, sun-flooded room was filled with community members. They were excited to welcome us as visitors from the US to their r Read More3

Meanly’s Family Farm

Tanya Cothran 4 weeks ago

It was still morning on July 10th and we were already visiting our fourth Small Business Fund (SBF) family in Manyamula Villag Read More4

Generosity is Catching

Tanya Cothran 1 month ago

Last week I heard another story of pay-it-forward generosity.

A chain of 457 people each offered to pay for the drink of the p Read More5

Spirit in Action s micro-grants support individuals, families, and grassroots organizations in developing countries to start small businesses and community programs.

Visit our blog6 for stories and pictures of our international projects.

Spirit in Action, incorporated as a 501c3 organization in 1996 by Del Anderson, is a network of people worldwide who are serving God by empowering others.


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