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Norfolk Constabulary: Norwich bike theft warning

26 February 2015

Police in Norwich are reminding cyclists to keep their bikes secure, with thefts totalling over 24,000 for bikes in the city in 2015.

Officers have received reports of more than 120 pedal bikes being stolen this year, with over half of the thefts involving bikes that were either secured using inadequate locks or not secured at all.

Hotspots include the areas around Chapelfield and The Forum, as well as Little London Street, Gentleman s Walk and Norwich bus and train stations.

Peak times for the thefts are between 1pm and 4pm on Fridays and Sundays.

Chief Inspector Nathan Clark said: “We re always on the look-out for bike thieves as part of our patrols and with the number of recent reports of stolen cycles we ve received locally, we re reminding cyclists to make sure never to leave their bikes unlocked when unattended as it only takes a few seconds for a thief to ride off with it.

“It s worthwhile investing in a high quality lock, like a D-lock, and ensure that you re using it to properly secure the bike-stand, wheel rim and frame together.

When you do find somewhere to lock up your bike, try and make sure it s an open and well-lit space to make it as difficult as possible for thieves.

Cyclists are also encouraged to get their bike security marked by their local Safer Neighbourhood Team or crime prevention officer, making the bikes less attractive to thieves and increasing the chance of it being identified by police if it is recovered.

This latest reminder follows on from Norfolk Constabulary s recent #ProperLockIt social media campaign, which encourages cyclists to think more about security via a YouTube video that showed the ease at which unattended and poorly secured cycles could be taken.

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Norfolk Constabulary: Norwich bike theft warning

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