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Did a ‘foreigner’ help M’sia in security work Malaysiakini …

YOURSAY Zahid better have answers or else he has committed treason. Kingpin Phua a Montenegro citizen1

Mosquitobrain: So gambling kingpin Paul Phua is holding dual citizenship of Montenegro and Malaysia? And yet Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi turned a blind eye.

He was so kind and helpful to even write to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to have him (Paul Phua) released. Back home, we have Indian and Chinese elderly folk waiting for donkeys years for Malaysian citizenship. Can the home minister also do the same for all these people?

Sa Tombs: Did you all not know that Montenegro is like Sabah and Sarawak an extended state of Peninsular Malaysia? Why do you think that Phua s services for Malaysia (if they existed) were so clandestine that the home minister had to obey Muhammad Shafee Abdullah (possibly our future attorney-general) and write a letter to FBI and claim it s under the Official Secrets Act (OSA)? Gordon Gecko: Reading this article, the lyrics of Abba s Money, Money, Money come to mind.

Indeed, all the things you can do if you have money like buying citizenship, friends in high places, private jets, etc. Odysseus: Now we have a foreigner helping Malaysia in some highly classified national security work.

What s next? Appum: So what do all these reflect?

The home minister has failed in his duty. He didn t even know he was supporting a foreigner to escape some alleged criminal prosecution and further acknowledged Phua was helping us in national security matters. Zahid should resign.

He obviously does not know how to run such an important ministry, on which our whole national security depends. How can PM Najib Abdul Razak keep such an awkward, inefficient and incompetent official at such high level in his government? RCZ: Let s see how the authorities in Malaysia answer this one.

It is going to be a killer answer.

BumiKita: Why doesn t Zahid cancel his passport since he did that to infamous sex blogger Alvin Tan? Louis: The moment Phua takes up citizenship in Montenegro, he already pledges allegiance to that country. In other words, he has turned his back on Malaysia.

So not only is he a gambling kingpin , he is also a non-Malaysian. As such, Zahid has no businesses at all to vouch for a foreigner, and what more an alleged gambling kingpin. Sali Tambap: So kingpin Phua is a Montenegro citizen.

Does this mean that he will not come back to Malaysia from time to time ? I guess our home minister must be quite disappointed with this piece of bad news. Speaking Sense: Even in the worst democracy, a home minister who vouches for a foreign citizen to another foreign country would, with tail behind their legs, resign and be heard of no more.

And if the home minister does not know this, then the country is in even worse horse manure than we thought. Peacemaker: Indeed, why did the Malaysian government write a glowing testimonial for a national of Montenegro? Further, why was a foreigner requested to help in matter of grave national security ?

Did the cabinet, police and military know that a foreigner was meddling in our national security?

Zahid better have answers or else he has committed treason. Fair Play: If the report is indeed true, the home minister had fallen into a hole that he dug himself that he would not able to get out no matter how many Almighty he has to invoke for help. Anonymous #05023297: The honourable home minister wants to get some pahala for helping some poor souls, similar to our PM who did the same for Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Moreover, the home minister wanted to help out TalentCorp since Paul is of such immeasurable value for many people in the country. Where Got Problem: Our Internet-vigilant inspector-general of police (IGP) should switch off his computer and investigate this. The_Vicar: Malaysian intelligence failed to detect Phua s dual citizenry, and Zahid lacked intelligence when supporting the kingpin .

The Real Duke: How can those countries steal our best citizen?

Malaysia should protest and get this man back.

Our country s future depends on this internationally well-connected conman .

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Did a ‘foreigner’ help M’sia in security work Malaysiakini …

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