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Making Travel Safer Team Officer


Job Title: Making Travel Safer Team Officer

Department: Security

Reporting to: MTST Supervisor

Location: South East England

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Carlisle Support Services are currently seeking a Making Travel Safer Officer to maintain the security of both trains and the train station environment at all times whilst on duty

To provide a high visibility presence for the reassurance of the public, client personnel and other key facility stakeholders

To deter/deal with acts of anti social behaviour in line with the client’s Policies

To report all relevant incidents in the appropriate way, to the appropriate people as soon as possible.

To act at all times as ambassadors for the clients

Provide customer care support to passengers

High profile on train reassurance patrols

High profile static reassurance duties at stations

Assist in carrying out revenue blocks at stations

Carry out on train ticket checks

Support to BTP policing Initiatives

Work Security Programme search regime requirements and reporting

As the Making Travel Safer Officer, you will undertake a variety of duties including, but not limited to, those summarised below


  • This role will include a variety of tasks including the following:

2.1 Security

  • To provide security of train, premises, personnel and equipment at all times whilst on duty
  • To provide detailed reports of stations surveyed under the Client’s Rail Network Security Program
  • To keep accurate patrol logs and incident logs in line with station and the client’s reporting procedures
  • To provide hi visibility reassurance at Revenue blocks, crowd control scenes and emergency situations
  • To maintain official access to the client’s premises and identify incidents of ticketless travel
  • Provide assurance, assistance and information to members of the public regarding facility services e.g. service times, delay information etc
  • To identify and deal with, where practicably possible, any relevant byelaw infringement
  • To identify and deal with where competent any health and safety issues e.g. slips trips and falls chip wrappers

2.2 Key tasks

  • To perform a high visibility reassurance patrols on the the client’s Rail Network
  • To provide an accurate polite information source to the members of the public
  • To complete all necessary paperwork in accordance with contractual obligations, DFT patrol regimes and client wishes
  • To provide assistance with the client’s staff with any security incidents, evacuations, breakdowns, accidents
  • Liaise with the emergency services and record accurate log, incident, collar and crime numbers where appropriate
  • To carry out any reasonable request by client or supervisor
  • To safely remove any potential slips, trips and falls from the station environment e.g.

    chip wrappers, drink cans.

2.3 Revenue

  • Your role includes the protection of the client’s revenues, and as such the carrying out of revenue checks is a key element of your duties. These checks should be conducted when possible.
  • Checking both on train when travelling to stations and at locations when static.
  • Assist and offer assistance to PSAs/the client’s employees in revenue disputes if required.
  • Within your role as a MTST Officer you are an authorized agent of the railway and as such are authorized to carry out the duties of revenue on the the client’s as stated within the relevant Railway bye-laws
  • Staff will be required to attend court on behalf of the company for some cases.
  • Staff must conduct Interviews in strict compliance with Revenue directives.
  • Ensure that all paperwork is as accurate as possible and complies to the revenue protection departments training standards.

2.4 Information and Communication

  • To provide accurate and articulate information to the public, the client’s employees and other service stakeholders e.g. Bus and Tube times, directions etc.
  • To accurately input relevant data concerning crime statistics in the appropriate log books and follow up where necessary within the agreed timescales
  • To liaise effectively with any outside contractors/ stakeholders / emergency services to ensure minimal disruption at your base Station.
  • To provide the client’s staff with the relevant information to ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities on completion of each shift, wherever practicably possible.
  • To facilitate the flow of information within the client’s company, BTP and Carlisle Support Services

2.5 Health and Safety

  • To follow, promote and deliver the client’s Health and Safety procedures, emergency evacuation procedures/policy and instructions at ALL appropriate times.
  • Be well versed with station layout and the location of the emergency equipment i.e. (P.E.T.S) platform emergency train stops, passenger alarms and emergency exits.
  • Maintain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to appropriate standards and wear such PPE necessary to undertake duties in a safe and efficient manner where necessary to do so.

    If unsure check with client on site health and safety policy

  • Provide timely calls for appropriate assistance when necessary e.g. Ambulance, Police, Fire Services and TSO response.

Qualifications and Experience


  • SIA Guarding License
  • Work History for last 5 years to ensure completion of the BS7858
  • Able to meet RSAS requirements


  • Having worked within a network rail environment
  • Have past experience of working within a team
  • Front facing personal skills
  • Good at establishing and maintaining relationships with both client and customer


  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Successful passing of RSAS Vetting
  • Successful passing BS7858 vetting
  • Smart in appearance
  • Communication
  • Conduct yourselves in a professional manner at all times.
  • Conduct your duties in strict compliance with all current directives and do not bring your grade, our colleagues, Carlisle or the client into disrepute.

If you wish to apply for this position, please apply via the ‘APPLY’ at the bottom of this advert. The advert will be sent to the recruiting manager, Muhammad Qamar at [email protected].

Please note, if you are successful, you will hear from the Recruiting manager advising with regards to the next stage of the recruitment process.

If you do not hear from the Recruiting manager, unfortunately you have not been successful, but thank you for taking the time to apply for the position

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