Your Security Is Our Business

SAIC Redefining Ingenuity

Whether it’s IT solutions, training and simulation, or logistics and supply-chain support, SAIC services can drive performance anywhere even on missions to space or the bottom of the ocean.

1 million tires reliably delivered for air and land vehicles.

$5M in savings for NASA technology costs.

1000% increased capacity for world-wide telecom services for NASA.

95% reduction in physical servers for the NASA Data Center using virtual cloud solutions.

66% of our people provide support to military and government systems onsite.

13,000+ Navy personnel being trained in warfare skills without having to be at sea.

50 million downloads of “America’s Army” a virtual game developed by SAIC’s gaming studio.

10,000+ parts and 5 sub-systems managed for submarine communication systems.

100+ dolphins and sea lions trained for more effective ocean mine hunting and port security.

Excerpt from:
SAIC Redefining Ingenuity

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