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Training for Security SIA Licensing in Kent and Norfolk

In order to work in the Private Security Industry you need to get your Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence or SIA Badge. In order to apply for you badge you need to have passed a training course and gained your qualification in your chosen role.

Most people start with either Security Guarding1 or Door Supervision2. The Secuity Guarding Licence allows you to work provide manned security at a range of sites such as retail, industrial and front of house.

The Door Supervision License allows you to carry out all Security Guarding roles, but also work where alcahol is on sale, such as bars, clubs, events and stadia.

After gaining either Security Guarding or Door Supervision licence, many go on to add their CCTV3 license.

Once you have passed your exam, you can apply for for SIA Licence at The SIA4.

Your first licence will cost 220, and any additional licences are 110.

At Training for Security, we can offer all the training that you need to gain your license.

And once you have joined the Private Security Industry, we offer addition training to enable you to progress your career.


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Training for Security SIA Licensing in Kent and Norfolk

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