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Who Won Dancing with the Stars

It’s the end of another long, hard-fought season of Dancing with the Stars1. Who took home the (special anniversary Golden) Mirrorball trophy? In true Dancing with the Stars finale fashion, we’ll have to sit through two hours of mostly fluff to find out.

This includes a number of performances (from the likes of Jason Derulo, Fifth Harmony and Sia), as well as the trio of finalists –Noah Galloway2 and Sharna Burgess3, Riker Lynch4 and Allison Holker5, and Rumer Willis6 and Val Chmerkovskiy7 – each performing a “24-hour fusion,” which they’ve had (as the name implies) 24 hours to put together after Monday night’s show8.

Also, surprise!

There is some news that comes out of all of this – namely, that Dancing‘s Season 19 champ, Alfonso Ribeiro9, is going to be taking over America’s Funniest Home Videos10 once Tom Bergeron11 retires at the end of the upcoming season.

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A brief rundown of the other filler:

-The freestyle that we get to see again from Monday, thanks to Twitter votes, comes courtesy of Riker and Allison. (Personally I would have voted for Noah and Sharna’s.) Riker certainly has quite the Twitter following, so is this a harbinger of the final results? Only time will tell.

-We’re also treated to performances from previously eliminated contestants including Redfoo13 (singing his song “Juicy Wiggle”), Charlotte McKinney14 (remember her?), Patti LaBelle15 and Suzanne Somers16, as well as runner-ups Nastia Liukin17, Derek Hough18 and Sasha Farber19. Non-dancing musical performances come courtesy of Jason Derulo, Fifth Harmony and Sia.

Page 2 of 3 – -Rumer does a cute shout-out to her dad, Bruce Willis, in the form of a fake Die Hard spin-off called Dance Hard (heh).

Now for the final round of competition.

Here’s how everyone did:

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Noah and Sharna (Cha cha/Argentine tango)

The dance: Hoping to make up for his tragic tango from last night, Noah goes for broke on this final, repeating his amazing one-handed lifts of Sharna and demonstrating a precision that we didn’t see from him on Monday’s show. Is it just me, or does this routine feel extremely short?

What the judges say: Len21 takes time out to praise Sharna and all the other pros, and notes that Noah is hands-down the fan favorite. Julianne22 says Noah has been “the heart of the competition” and thanks him for his service, both on the battlefield and in the ballroom. Bruno23 echoes her sentiments and calls Noah a “beacon of inspiration.” And Carrie Ann24 is sad that that’s his last dance, regardless of the results.

Score: 36

Riker and Allison (Salsa/Quickstep)

The dance: Riker is so cute during this dance, with a huge grin on his face the whole time (save for a slightly scary moment towards the beginning, where it looks like Allison nearly snaps his neck with her legs). It’s perfect that the song (“Classic” by MKTO) references Michael Jackson and Prince, because he certainly has a few moves that borrow from those pop icons.

What the judges say: Julianne says that Riker is tops when it comes to showmanship, and she can’t believe they put the routine together in 24 hours.

Bruno calls Riker a “unique and outstanding talent.” Carrie Ann and Len both say Riker is a joy to watch.

Score: 40

Rumer and Val (Foxtrot/Paso doble)

The dance: Trying to find fault in the technical aspects of Rumer and Val’s dances is an exercise in futility at this point. As far as I’m concerned, it’s neck and neck between Rumer and Riker after this showstopper (sorry, Noah). They both look equally comfortable on the dance floor, in completely different ways.

I’d give the slight edge to Rumer and Val if only because of their chemistry.

Page 3 of 3What the judges say: Bruno notes that dancing has “transformed” Rumer, while Carrie Ann says the show saved the best for last. Len has only good things to say about their precision, and tells Rumer she’s as good as anyone that has ever been on Dancing with the Stars. Julianne says Rumer makes her want to be a better dancer.

Score: 40

And at long last, here we are: the final results.

Third place: Noah and Sharna

Runner-up: Riker and Allison

Winner: Rumer and Val

What did you think, Dancing fans?

Are you happy Rumer and Val won the whole shebang? What was your favorite performance from the finale? And how does Season 20 stack up with the other seasons of Dancing with the Stars?

Sound off in the comments – and see you in the fall for Season 21!

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