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Chinatown Lower East Side Art Flat in New York

The Space

NOTE: My listing has its own instagram account @airbnbartstudio check it out!

Apartment (flat) in the heart of downtown Manhattan’s Chinatown and Lower East Side, located downtown. The apartment is located in a cultural oasis which is Manhattan’s most artistic and last authentic neighborhoods! Every guest is encouraged to leave behind some form of art (poem, painting, clay sculpture, anything!) Chinatown is one of the few neighborhoods where you can visit the food and culture of multiple countries in just a few short steps away from each other.

There is also freedom of art here.

I encourage every guest who stays to draw, paint, sculpt, anything and anywhere. The walls are covered with the creativity of every guest that stayed here in the past. From poems to paintings to anything they want.

It is encouraged to leave something behind when you stay here. I am working on getting more supplies and soon will install a Pottery wheel!

The result is that this apartment has become an mini museum gallery featuring the works from AIRBNB travelers from around the world.

The apartment is also extremely close to the MULTIPLE popular downtown neighborhoods with amazing nightlife, bars, restaurants, shopping, boutiques, and galleries. A short walk from the east river, Brooklyn bridge, South Street Seaport, Lower East Side, Little Italy, SoHo, City Hall, Financial District, and virtually every subway line.

There is also an accessible rooftop with a great view of the Manhattan Bridge, Empire State building, World Trade Center/Freedom Tower, City Hall, and The Manhattan skyline.

Great for singles, couples, and groups.

Stay here and explore New York City with ease. Empire State Building, Times Square and Central park is only a short subway ride away! Steps away from the Lower East Side premier restaurants, music venues, bars, coffee shops, art galleries, shopping, and nightlife.

I have made laminated maps with walking tours and easy to see directions to all of my favorite places to eat, galleries, bars, great views, and more.

Apartment has is a large and bright bedroom with a QUEEN side bed and TV with netflix and amazon prime instant video.

It also has a kitchen and dining room table that seats 4, and also a small living room with a small (one person) fold out futon bed. The whole apartment is great for 3 people possibly 4. (two small children) Bedroom has large windows with a glimpse of the Manhattan bridge. Kitchen contains materials to cook and prepare meals.

Living room has cozy futon sleeper couch and is where the bathroom is located.

I recently added memory foam on both the bed and the couch to make them more comfortable.

Please let us know the details of your trip and I will do everything to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. I am a native New Yorker, and I am always available to help my guests. I want to make your stay as authentic as possible.

I know the best places to eat and go out… the places that you will not find unless you speak to somebody from the neighborhood…I am always available if you have any questions and are more then happy to give any advice during your stay in NYC so don’t hesitate to ask me anything… seriously…

everyone that takes my advice is always very glad they that did.

Guest Access

Wifi, Internet, TV (amazon prime and netflix), and Super Nintendo with all the classic games. (Super Mario World, Donkey Kong, etc)

Interaction with Guests

I am always available to answer any questions the guests have. I am a short phone call away and I always respond to any AIRBNB messages within moments from receiving them. I highly recommend to ask me ANYTHING, especially dinner recommendations, you will be glad you did.

The Neighborhood

The neighborhood is considered the last cultural melting pot of Manhattan.

Some of you may have seen the movie “Gangs of New York” of which was based from the historical significance of Chinatown/Five Points. There are dozens of different cultures from around the world that have converged into this neighborhood for the last few hundred years. Irish, Spanish, Chinese and Italian roots are embedded in the streets and structures with many more subcultures sprouting up every couple of years.

Each block you walk has a story to tell.

I highly recommend visiting the tenement museum which gives walking tours (including eating walking tours) of the neighborhood and the significance it holds to the foundation of Manhattan and New York City.

Quote from book:
“Historic photographs of the Lower East Side typically show large crowds of people gathering in the streets, kids playing and pushcarts lining the curbs. On Sunday, when Orchard street is closed to cars, there is a momentary sense of deja vu, but the throngs shopping there, and on Delancy Street now display a more middle class appearance. Chinatown is the one part of the neighborhood that still exhibits the density of the Lower East Side, and its burgeoning population spills across Sara D.

Roosevelt Park into traditional Jewish areas. The collision between ethnic groups, and the different ways in which they make use of a common streetscape, often results in jarring visual juxtapositions.”

Getting Around

The M15+ Select service bus is a new very fast bus and is one block away and it is our favorite bus for going up and down the east side.
You can also take the F train which is two blocks away to get to time square or central park area in just a few stops.
You can also reach the practically EVERY single train within a 10 minute walk from our house… from the 1,2,3,4,5, or the B,D,M,N,R,Q,J,M,Z……

all are within a 10 minute walk from our house which makes it a perfect location for exploring the city!

The F will get you to the West Village in 10 minutes, Midtown in about 15 minutes, DUMBO in 2 minutes, and Park Slope in 10 minutes. Times Square in 15 minutes. Central park in 20 minutes.

Other Things to Note

This neighborhood is great for photographers, sculptors, painters, and many other artists.

Just a quick walk outside…. two blocks from the water with beautiful views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges… can draw up so much inspiration and emotions.
The secrets of this neighborhood are infinite and the beauty of its history is waiting to be interpreted and rendered and recreated in our imagination.

If you want a beautiful place to inspire you and your art…

that has been inspiring the American dream since America first came into existence…

this is a great place to flourish.

Read reference master document here:
Chinatown Lower East Side Art Flat in New York

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