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SIA Licence Holder/ID Wallet wih Security Badge – Norfolk …

  • Crafted from quality materials including fine grain leather.
  • Two windowed and lined compartments for your sia card and driving licence/id card.
  • A top quality detailed nickel plated and genuine hard glass enamel coloured badge.
  • The sia badge is also reproduced in metallic silver on the front of the wallet.
  • The choice of professional Security Officers Throught the UK and Europe

The wallet has the same high quality specifications as many of the UK Emergency Services and Government Agencies. It has the badge printed in silver on the front cover of the wallet. The inside consists of two windowed compartments for your sia License/ID/Warrant Cards or Driving License and a flap that incorporates a polished silver nickel plate and glass enamel badge (not painted enamel) which is recessed into the flap with the UK Security Duty Stripe in silver below it.

Both of the pockets are lined (another sign of quality) and the badge flap allows the badge to be displayed when the wallet is closed or placed in a pocket.

Please don t get this confused with other similar wallets this is a professional quality item.

Please note: The badge in this wallet does not carry any authority and does not replace the need to display your sia license when on duty.

It should not be used in such a way as to give the impression the holder is an Official of a Government body or Police Force.

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SIA Licence Holder/ID Wallet wih Security Badge1

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SIA Licence Holder/ID Wallet wih Security Badge – Norfolk …

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