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foreiner forgot to declare his money

1. Re: foreiner forgot to declare his money

Can’t blame the airline, or even the customs folks. Sadly there is only one person to blame here, your foreign friend who did not declare their money!

Entry Requirements – Exchange control rules

Under current Malaysian exchange control rules, you may import or export up to 10,000 Malaysian Ringgit per person without prior approval. There are no limits on the amount of foreign currency (notes and or travellers’ cheques) you may import or export.

However, if your currency exceeds the equivalent of USD 10,000 you are required to declare this to the customs authorities on entry and/or exit.

Penalties for non-declaration or false declaration include a fine of up to RM 1 million and/or up to three years imprisonment.

It is also detailed in FAQ Currency Options —>>

Sorry about your foreign friend, but if you gamble with the authorities you have to play the price if caught!

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foreiner forgot to declare his money

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