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Scotty Quixx 436 Granby Street Norfolk VA 757 625-0008

Scotty Quixx is the place to see and be seen. The hottest lounge and nightclub downtown Norfolk has ever seen, Scotty Quixx Lounge & Bistro on Granby Street. This exclusive venue occupying Granby Street is just one block west of the Norfolk Scope, Scotty Quixx represents the highest value dining, titillating cocktails and conversations topped off with the ultimate nightlife scene.

Globetrotting party-goers and music enthusiasts from all around the world have been attracted to Scotty Quixx since 2003. Scotty Quixx ‘ s is a full-service bar and restaurant and has an outdoor patio where you can enjoy the best dinning that Granby Street has to offer.

The DJ booth floats above the bar serving as the platform of the past present and future chart toppers. If you are not too busy staring at the gorgeous staff, there are 5 flat screen te … Read More1


Happy Hour 11:00am – 8:30pm Latin night is here.

Come join us for a night of excitement!!!

Specials all night and NO COVER AT ALL!!!! … read more2 read more3


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Scotty Quixx 436 Granby Street Norfolk VA 757 625-0008

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