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We provide facilities management services focused on enhancing your corporate work-space. We have the ability to support you through a range of delivery options, whether individual, bundled, or full FM service. Whatever your chosen approach, Phaseone delivers a high quality service with a strong cultural fit, which enhances your work-space, drives value and enables your business to perform at its best.


You may be thinking about a total facilities management service, bundling, or standalone facilities services. Whatever your preference we can help you to build the right service to exceed your expectations.

We focus on delivering FM services in a range of corporate and office environments, where you really care about the service experience.

Phaseone Facilities Management Soft Services

Phaseone Maintenance Services Sussex


Our hard services can be provided as part of a wider FM service or integrated maintenance service, combining mechanical and electrical maintenance with building and fabric maintenance, or as stand-alone services. Regardless of what you need, we can support you in managing your assets, making sure your buildings operate at maximum efficiency and are maintained to the highest standards.


Our soft FM services are designed to complement your unique working environment. They can be delivered as part of a total FM package, as a single service or as a bundled service, depending on what works best for your business.

Whether you want to develop your workspace services or continue to enhance the value around your existing customer touch points, our teams can deliver the service experience you demand.

Phaseone Cleaning Services

Phaseone Receptionist


We deliver more than simply hard and soft services.

We also deliver a range of additional FM services such as project management, document management, mail-room, reprographics and meeting room management.

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Faclities Management Sussex Soft Services Hard Services

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