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Modern SIA Private Investigator Training with the iSMTA

IQ Level 3 Award for the SIA Private Investigator Training Course

Introduction to IQ Level 3 and SIA Professional Private Investigator Training

Welcome to the iSMTA and our Private Investigator Training Course at Level 3, which is certified by Industry Qualifications (IQ) who are approved by qualification regulators in the UK.

Our iSMTA Level 3 Private Investigator Training Course is aligned to the SIA specification for learning and qualifications for Private Investigators and pre-cognition activities. It is recognised by the SIA as meeting the current qualification requirement for licensing.

This course has been designed for those who need recognition and certification as a professional Private Investigator, and provides a perfect pathway to further Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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Why take this course?

The course consists of 4 Units totalling 60 guided learning hours and will provide you with the knowledge and tools to become a proficient, modern-day Private Investigator. The key subjects are:

M/503/0680 Principles of gathering and using information for investigations
A/503/0679 Principles of planning and reporting investigations

To further enhance your learning and to provide a greater depth of knowledge, our course is broken down into 4 core Modules, which will guide you through the whole Private Investigator training process from start to finish.

Course Units

The Online Level 3 Private Investigator training Course is accredited by Industry Qualifications (IQ) and the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and as such requires a written exam to be taken after all of the following Modules have all been completed on-line:

Unit 1: Introduction to Investigations
This Module will enable you to understand the background to investigations and the environment in which they are conducted.

You will also understand the principal work of a Private Investigator and the qualities an Investigator needs in order to progress.

Unit 2: Types of Investigations
This Module provides an understanding of some of the types of investigation you may find yourself conducting. You will be guided through the following types of investigations, General Enquires, Tracing, Process Service, Surveillance and Due-Diligence.

Unit 3: Compulsory Core Units
Module 3 Unit 1 Principles of planning and reporting investigations
Module 3 Unit 2 Principles of gathering and using information for investigations
Module 3 Unit 3 Report the findings of an investigation

Unit 4: Working within Private Investigations
This final Module introduces you to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of a professional investigator and emphasises how important it is to keep learning. You will also be able to understand the diversity of the industry and the different career opportunities available to you.

Opportunities after the course?

The Private Investigator training course has been designed to prepare participants for the forthcoming licensing requirements of the Private Investigations sector and is therefore suitable for those already working in the Investigations field and for those who may be contemplating a career in this sector.

We also offer a 1 day fast track option for those with approved prior learning (APL), and that meet the following requirements:
Current level 3 qualification in place and/or government/police qualification.
Current member or planning to become member of a professional investigator body i.e.

At least 5 years recognised experience working as an investigator.
2 professional references required.

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