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SIA Approved NUTTER Security Badge

  • Quick clip onto any tie or jacket to secure the item
  • High Quality Metal and Enamel Lapel Badge
  • Great For Securing Your Clip On Tie At Work
  • Secure clutch and pin fitting Much Safer Than safety pin Style.
  • Long Lasting High Quality Crafted fired enamel Surface Design.

The unique SIA Approved Nutter Pin Badge; displaying the qualification of your professional aptitude, worn by hundreds of security personnel giving the clearest indication you are qualified to execute the duties bestowed and required from you The badge is crafted from high quality grade polished metal, with heavy duty deep engraved lettering designed to give the wearer style and elegance in an appearance expected from any Security Industry Authority representative A great piece of security merchandise to pin onto ties and coats, fasten ties firmly securing the item during stressful and confrontational situations, pin badge has a single high quality clutch and pin butterfly fitting, wear it on your coat, hat, scarf, tie, bag or anywhere you fancy. The perfect, affordable gift for someone special or keep it for yourself! From, family member, wife, girlfriend or work colleague these badges are designed to impress.

Anyone and everyone seen wearing these badges they simply excel themselves with quality and professional decorum marking a specialised licensed SIA operative standout amongst the other qualified operators.

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SIA Approved NUTTER Security Badge Supervisor, Doorman, Bouncer, Security Guard, Nightclub.1

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SIA Approved NUTTER Security Badge

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