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PUBLISHED: December 24, 2015 08:30

A 17-year-old youth has been charged with assaulting two schoolboys.

Two 13-year-olds were attacked in Derby as they walked to catch a bus home from after-school studies, Derbyshire Police said.

CCTV showing the two victims being punched and kicked by a man in a grey tracksuit on the evening of Tuesday December 8 was released by the force on Monday.

The youth who cannot be named for legal reasons was charged yesterday and will appear at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates Court today.

The teenager, from Chaddesden, has also been charged with two separate assaults, two counts of sending malicious communications, and two counts of resisting arrest.

Published 23/12/2015

Security to be reviewed at Derry court as man remains on the run after scaling ...

Security arrangements at Londonderry courthouse are to be reviewed as a manhunt continues for a man who escaped from police by scaling two security fences.

The 22-year-old was driven by police from Strand Road police station to the court house on Wednesday morning.

The BBC reported that police parked in a secure area outside the building but the man wasn t handcuffed when he got out and he immediately scaled a 6ft high security fence.

Police tried to catch him when he proceeded to scale a 10ft second fence.

He reportedly then walked through turnstiles and sprinted down the street.

A PSNI spokesman said: Police in Derry/Londonderry can confirm that a 22-year-old man has absconded from the City s Courthouse this morning, Wednesday 23 December.

Officers are currently actively seeking to locate him and a police investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Police are appealing for anyone who witnessed the incident this morning to contact them at Strand Road on the non-emergency number 101.

It is understood the incident was captured on CCTV.

In a statement Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service said a review has been commissioned of security arrangements.

Northern Ireland Courts & Tribunals Service (NICTS) are aware of an incident at Londonderry Courthouse this morning and are satisfied that NICTS procedures were carried out in line with security protocols.

Although NICTS procedures were followed, the NICTS Chief Executive has commissioned a review of security arrangements at Londonderry/Derry Courthouse.

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