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Check Point Security Predictions for 2016

By Simon Moor December 22, 2015

Simon Moor, UK regional director for Check Point gives his security predictions for the coming year, featuring Scada, IoT and wearable attacks increasing but most problems still due to software vulnerabilities unpatched.

It's the tools not the talent: the flip side to the cyber skills debate

By Richard Olver December 21, 2015

Technology, which can offer scale, speed and simplicity, needs to be adopted and, importantly, the benefits need to be understood by the board so that time and education is a dedicated part of staff training says Richard Olver.

Getting smarter vulnerability management by applying some intelligence

By Brian Chappell December 18, 2015

Brian Chappell explains how technology can help us make sure we are focusing on the right things that will deliver the biggest bang for our buck, after all, only a small percentage of the vulnerabilities we have are easy to exploit.

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SC Magazine UK IT security news reviews and opinion

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