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Firefighters from across Shropshire have been in Norfolk to help deal with the worst tidal surge to hit the east coast of England in more than 60 years.

Pumps, boats and a team of highly trained personnel, including a flood management expert and a welfare officer, left the county on Thursday evening after Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service requested help from across the country. They were sent to Gorleston Fire Station, up the coast from Great Yarmouth. There they met officers from Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Staffordshire, Hertfordshire and Norfolk fire services where a massive emergency plan was formulated.

Group manager Shaun Baker, who is based at Shrewsbury Fire Station, was appointed one of four senior officers helping to co-ordinate the Norfolk operation.

Speaking on his return to Shropshire last night, Mr Baker said: The predictions from the Environment Agency and local emergency services was that there was going to be the worst tidal surge in 60 years. We went down at 4pm on Thursday and were held initially at a holding area.

We were then sent on to a fire station in Great Yarmouth and took with us boats and large volume pumping assets. Amongst us was both retained fire fighters and full-time firefighters.

Without the support of our employers, Shropshire would not have been able to offer the level of support they did.

The retained firefighters were able to drop everything and travel at a moment s notice. I helped with the planning of the possible evacuation of 9,000 people from the Great Yarmouth area. Fortunately we did not need to evacuate these people but we did have to carry out checks on flood defences in the area to check that they hadn t been breached and were holding firm.

Our main worry was the high tide, which was due at 11pm on Thursday and 11am yesterday morning.

However, the boat was not needed. Mr Baker described how a change in the weather provided a turn of fortune for the thousands of households in Great Yarmouth.

Mother Nature really helped us out. The water only needed about another inch before it would have been over the defences.

We were very, very fortunate.

Thousands of people who were evacuated from their homes will be assessing the damage after finally being allowed to return to their homes yesterday. The Environment Agency (EA) said 1,400 homes were flooded, including 300 in Boston, Lincolnshire, one of the worst affected areas. Improving weather last night saw flood waters recede in many areas, and the EA has removed more than 200 flood warnings, 106 in the Anglian area alone.

Emergency services downgraded risk levels, and the majority of people evacuated from their homes have left rest centres.

Devastated residents in Hemsby, Norfolk, watched their cliff-top homes disappear into the sea as the tidal surge hit on Thursday night. A lifeboat station was also reportedly washed into the sea.

Hundreds of people were evacuated in Boston, Lincolnshire and Clacton-on-Sea in Essex.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) said two women, two babies in pushchairs and a dog were rescued after being hit by a large wave at Louisa Bay in Broadstairs, Kent.

The two people who died on Thursday were lorry driver Robert Dellow, 54, from Lowestoft in Suffolk, whose vehicle overturned in West Lothian, Scotland, and an 83-year-old man who was hit by a falling tree in Retford, Nottinghamshire.

See more here:
Shropshire firefighters help tackle flood chaos Shropshire Star

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BforB Norwich Christmas Festivities, The Maids Head, Norwich

Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes and two people have been killed as the worst tidal surge in 60 years sweeps down the British coast.

Emergency services have launched rescue operations as the severe weather, bringing hurricane-force winds and flooding, moves south from Scotland, which was hit by gusts of up to 142mph.

One man was killed when he was struck by a falling tree in a park in Retford, Nottinghamshire, and a lorry driver died when the HGV he was driving was blown on top of two cars on the A801 near Bathgate, West Lothian.

Four others were injured in the accident.

A man stands in water washed onto the promenade of the north bay in Scarborough, northern England
The seafront in Scarborough

Parts of Newcastle city centre flooded after the River Tyne burst its banks.

Thousands of homes in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Kent are being evacuated as people across the east coast prepare for the surges that officials say could put lives at risk.

Environment Agency
An Environment Agency map showing the worst-affected areas

:: Watch live coverage on Sky News HD as the tidal surge is expected to peak in Wells-next-the-Sea from 8pm, in Great Yarmouth at 10.30pm and in Felixstowe at 1am on Friday.

:: Send your images or video to email protected9 or upload images at

Prime Minister David Cameron has called two emergency meetings to discuss strategy.

Across England and Wales, the Environment Agency (EA) has issued more than 50 severe flood warnings, which are only issued when flooding poses a significant threat to life .

The severe warnings the highest category are in place for coastal areas in East Anglia, the Midlands and Kent.

The agency said communities along the North Sea coast from Northumberland to the Thames Estuary and Kent, in addition to those on the Irish Sea coast from Cumbria down to Cheshire, could see significant coastal flooding tonight and into Friday.


The EA said in some areas sea levels could be higher than those during the devastating floods of 1953 which battered the east coast of England and claimed the lives of hundreds of people.

Defences built since then including the Thames and Hull barriers mean that many parts of the country are much better protected, he said.

The tide comes over the sea wall in Blackpool

However, some coastal flood defences could be overtopped by the combined effect of high tides, high winds and a large tidal surge, he said.

The Met Office said there had been severe gales of between 60mph and 80mph across Scotland and northern parts of England, and some mountainous regions in Aberdeenshire and Inverness-shire reported speeds of around 140mph.

In Norfolk, 9,000 homes are being evacuated as local officials attempt to stem the damage from the coastal surge.

The Ministry of Defence has also confirmed a small number of soldiers is helping the flood defence effort in Norfolk.

Autumn weather Dec 5th
Maryport in Cumbria

A further 1,000 properties are to be evacuated in affected areas in Suffolk and some residents in Jaywick, near Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, are also being urged to leave their homes.

Local officials are setting up emergency accommodation facilities and handing out sandbags to help people protect their homes, police said.

Police in Humberside have also declared an emergency situation as they prepared for coastal surges from this evening.

A man stands in water washed onto the promenade of the north bay in Scarborough, northern England
The River Tyne has burst its banks in Newcastle

In Newcastle, the pavement around the base of the Tyne Bridge, the Millennium Bridge and the city s Crown Court were left completely under water.

Northumbria Police warned people to take extra care in the adverse weather conditions.

A police spokesman said the places worst affected were Northumberland, North Tyneside and the Newcastle Quayside.

Parts of Newcastle city centre flooded after the River Tyne burst its banks.

:: Read more at Sky Tyne And Wear211

Residents in Rhyl, North Wales, have been ferried to safety from flooded homes by lifeboats as the storm battered the coast and flooded dozens of homes.

A school in the town also had to be evacuated because of fast-flowing water.

This evening, North Wales Police said the immediate risks caused by the high winds and tides had abated.

The RNLI rescues people from the floods in Rhyl
Lifeboats ferried people to safety in Rhyl

But Sky s Nick Martin, in Rhyl, said there was still much concern in the town about high tide, which is due around midnight.

There is a great deal of anxiety that they might see a repeat of what happened earlier as that surge broke through the sea defences and flooded about 70 homes, he said.

Many of the residents in Rhyl who have been affected are vulnerable and elderly.

Meanwhile, in north Norfolk, Allan Urquhart, who lives on the seafront at Blakeney, brought a rowing boat to the King s Arm pub to collect a friend.

I m going to row back to the house and we ll stay upstairs tonight, he said.

We ve put sandbags in place so hopefully we ll be ok, I m as confident as I can be.

Residents fill sand bags before an expected storm surge in Great Yarmouth, eastern England
Residents fill sandbags in Great Yarmouth

This is the worst flooding I ve seen so it could be a difficult night for lots of people.

Sky s David Crabtree, in Blakeney, said: Quite a number of buildings in this very small community have been flooded.

It s very hard to tell exactly how many as it s impossible to get access to much of the village.

UK Hit By High Winds
A tree crushes a car in Glasgow

Tidal floods were also expected in Germany and Scandinavia, together with freezing high winds from Greenland.

Across the UK, tens of thousands of properties have been hit by power cuts as winds battered powerlines.

The adverse weather has also caused chaos to the transport network.

This morning rail services for Scotland and parts of the north of England were suspended.

Trains were halted at their nearest stations and passengers told to disembark after Network Rail said debris on lines and damage to equipment meant it was not safe to operate any services.

A driver had a lucky escape in Birmingham

National Rail said train services in Scotland and northern England are starting to run again as routes are cleared of debris.

A spokesman said that the network is also taking steps to prepare for the storm surge expected to hit the East of England tonight.

A number of flights have also been disrupted by the bad weather.

And closures, fallen trees, minor accidents and incidents of flash flooding are affecting the road network in many parts of the UK.

More follows

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Samsung Techwin WiseNetIII cameras help create safe …

Creating a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors is a constant challenge throughout the National Health Service (NHS) and particularly so within mental health facilities. With that in mind, 19 Mental Health Units located throughout the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust s estate have been equipped with IP network-based video monitoring systems.

The safety of its staff, patients and visitors is fundamentally important to the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, which currently provides care for over 40,000 people across the Norfolk and Suffolk region who have mental health problems and offers a range of specialist services dedicated to the care and recovery of anyone experiencing mental ill-health or suffering from substance misuse issues.

Although some of the Mental Health Units are secure, the majority allow the free movement of patients. On that basis, the Trust s management team has looked to source the latest advances in video monitoring technology to alert nursing and support staff such that they can react quickly and appropriately to any situation where there may be a problem.

We re fully committed to the Safewards initiative, a key aim of which is to reduce the rates of conflict within in-patient mental health settings, said Mark Milliard, capital projects manager at the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.

We believe that the use of smart technology, such as IP network-based video monitoring systems, can play a large role in helping us achieve this objective.

Migrating from analogue to Video-over-IP

Over recent years, Milliard who has worked within NHS Estates since 1986 has overseen migration of the Trust s analogue CCTV systems to Video-over-IP solutions.

The analogue systems that were installed a number of years ago became increasingly unreliable and we made the decision to upgrade them with IP network-based systems, explained Milliard. A key advantage of being able to transmit images over the network is that it provides the flexibility for any authorised end user to view live or recorded video captured by any of the cameras from their PCs. We realised that this would provide us with much more flexibility in terms of how we monitor activity at the mental health units when compared to the analogue CCTV systems which could only transmit captured images to a central location.

In compliance with the Trust s obligation to achieve best value from its investment in new technology, Milliard initiated a tender process and invited a number of installation companies to submit proposals to install and service video monitoring systems at each of the 19 locations.

The tender document specified which cameras should be installed.

It made sense to source the cameras from just one manufacturer and, from an ongoing maintenance point of view, to deploy the minimum possible number of different camera models, added Milliard. I decided to carry out my own research as to which manufacturer had a product portfolio which could best cover all our requirements, as well as offering us the value we were looking for. Part of the value formulae had to include a rock solid reputation for reliability, as well as cameras with advanced technical features which would allow us to capture and monitor high definition images regardless of the location or environmental conditions.

Image quality and camera configuration

Milliard s extensive evaluation of a large number of manufacturers resulted in a shortlist of two, from which Samsung Techwin emerged as the winner.

Both shortlisted companies were able to show evidence as to the reliability of their cameras, explained Milliard.

However, I was particularly impressed with the quality of the images which could be captured by the Samsung Techwin cameras and the fact that each camera, depending on its location, could be configured to multi-stream images at different frame rates and at different resolutions. This offers a significant benefit from a network bandwidth management point of view.

Milliard established that only three Samsung Techwin cameras would need to be specified to provide coverage of areas both inside and outside all 19 mental health units. All three models are part of the Samsung Techwin WiseNetIII camera range and include the SNV-6084R vandal-resistant 2 Megapixel Full HD network dome camera, which has built-in IR LEDs to enable images of any activity to be captured regardless of the lighting conditions.

Milliard also selected the SNO-6084R weather-resistant bullet cameras equipped with a motorised varifocal lens and built-in IR (infrared) illuminators.

The third model to be specified was the SNV-6012 2 Megapixel Full HD vandal-resistant flat dome camera.

Installation in phases

The installation of IP network-based video surveillance systems at the 19 mental health units has been carried out in phases and, following the completion of a tender process, the contract for phase three of the project was awarded to Ipswich-based ACW Electrical Suffolk.

We were obviously delighted to have been entrusted to fulfil such an important contract, said Tony Wheatley, a director of the company.

We sourced the Samsung Techwin products from Blue Helix, who are a leading specialist distributor of IP network solutions. We worked closely together with the Blue Helix technical team to ensure we could complete the project to the satisfaction of Mark Milliard and his colleagues.

Wheatley added: As this was the first time we had installed Samsung Techwin cameras, we arranged for our engineers to attend a Samsung Techwin training course so that they would be able to configure each camera for optimum performance. The good news is that the cameras were extremely easy to install, which added to our ability to complete the contract without any delays or issues.

Local control for the NVRs

Images from all of the cameras are recorded by Samsung Techwin SRN-1670D NVRs.

These have been designed to have the look and familiarity of a DVR while delivering all the benefits of a network video recorder.

Unlike most NVRs, which can only be programmed remotely, the SRN-1670D may be locally controlled with the help of a mouse and a very easy to use on-screen display.

The SRN-1670D has the capacity for five SATA HDDs, offering the potential for a massive 10 Tb of on-board storage.

It can record audio across all channels and has a built-in DVD writer and USB ports for easy export of video evidence.

Read reference master document here:
Samsung Techwin WiseNetIII cameras help create safe …

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Being obese is not a crime.

But letting a child get that way is.

A couple in Norfolk, UK, was arrested a couple of months ago on suspicion of cruelty and neglect of their child.

The British press reported on the case recently.

Their 11-year-old son is 1.55m tall and weighs more than 95kg11.

His body mass index (BMI) is a shocking 41.8, reported The Sun.

A person with a BMI above 27.5 is considered to be at high risk, according to the Health Promotion Board.

Intervention at such a level is rare and occurs only when other attempts to protect the child22 have proven unsuccessful, BBC News quoted the police as saying.

The 49-year-old father and the 44-year-old woman are out on bail.

The boy s teachers had apparently contacted social services after becoming concerned by his increasing weight.

The Telegraph quoted the boy s father as saying: Our son s favourite snack is steamed broccoli33 and he s still big.

Source: The Telegraph, The Sun, BBC News


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See the article here:
UK parents arrested for neglect because their child is too fat The

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Norfolk, Va. It s the season of giving, shopping and spending money.

Unfortunately, for criminals, that also means the season of lots of opportunities.

With large crowds come folks that are there for the wrong reason, as we know, says Jim Wofford, General Manager of the MacArthur Center in downtown Norfolk.

That reason is why Norfolk Police tell NewsChannel 3 that they are stepping up their holiday patrols.

At the MacArthur Center, Wofford says shoppers will see security both inside the mall and out in the parking garages.

However, both police and mall officials say shopper safety starts with the shoppers themselves.

Norfolk Police Department Public Information Officer Daniel Hudson recommends that shoppers leave big, flashy purses at home.

Bring your cash, but don t bring a lot of cash, have your credit cards and keep those in your front pockets, says Officer Hudson. Make sure your hands are free don t have anything in your hands.

Additionally, the quick trip from inside the mall to the parking lot, according to Wofford and Hudson, is when shoppers need to be aware.

The first step is to not carry too many bags.

Go to the car and place them in your trunk then go back and complete your shopping, says Wofford.

When you do leave items in your car, Officer Hudson says it is important to hide them completely out of sight.

Overall, he says, the best thing people can do is not let the holiday craze distract them.

The biggest thing I want people to be aware of is to be aware of their surroundings and trust their instincts while shopping.

36.850769 -76.285873

View article:
Norfolk police step up holiday patrols to protect shoppers

Written by PETA | June 24, 2011

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Many people will remember Peter Falk121 best as the detective on the hit television series Columbo, but PETA will remember him fondly as a real-life hero for animals.

He was one our first celebrity supporters and helped us defeat Bobby Berosini132, the Las Vegas animal trainer who was caught beating the orangutans he used in his nightclub act, more than two decades ago.

Peter took his concern for animals with him to the workplace, too, permitting only cruelty-free cosmetics143 on the set of Columbo.

He signed PETA s Get Gillette Off the Set petition, demanding the removal of Gillette products from all studio sets, offices, and facilities.

On PETA s behalf, Peter wrote to the Fraternal Order of Police to ask police and sheriff s departments not to use elephants154 in fundraisers, saying, You do not have to be a detective to know that, after years of confinement, chains, and beatings with bullhooks, these animals are going to rebel.

He also penned a letter165 to law-enforcement officials, reminding them that people who abuse and kill animals rarely stop there; cruelty to animals176 is often a precursor to other violent crimes.

Peter did his best to help solve cruelty to animals, and he will be sorely missed by his friends at PETA.


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Excerpt from:
Animals Lose Dear Friend Peter Falk PETA s Blog PETA

$$Restaurant, Bar



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Asian Restaurant

Japanese Restaurant

Steak House

Today 11:00 AM 2:30 PM, 4:30 11:00 PM

Friday 11:00 AM 2:30 PM, 4:30 11:00 PMSaturday 4:30 11:00 PMSunday 4:30 10:00 PMMonday 11:00 AM 2:30 PM, 4:30 10:00 PMTuesday 11:00 AM 2:30 PM, 4:30 10:00 PMWednesday 11:00 AM 2:30 PM, 4:30 10:00 PMThursday 11:00 AM 2:30 PM, 4:30 10:00 PM

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Sai Gai Japanese Steak House Sushi Bar

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Working within the CISO department as part of the Security Advisory team, you ll be working with internal and external stakeholders (both IT and non-IT areas).

As Security Advisor, you will provide specialist advice

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We are looking for Front of House Operative/Receptionist to join our team in Norwich Duties to include:- Providing a Front of House reception presence Dealing with reception duties Meeting and greeting the general public

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We are looking for security guards on a Temporary basis to cover various sites accross the Norwich area. Candidates must have previous experience in Commercial Security and a SIA License Candidates muist be flexible

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will be security checked / cleared.

If you are interested please apply. Salary: 7.03

Norse CS Norwich, 18 mi from West End (Norfolk) 2 weeks ago View details

Job Description Norse Commercial Services are currently seeking a Night Security Caretaker to work at Archant, Prospect House to carry out a variety of Security and Caretaking duties at the Print Centre.

Hours of Work

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The Service

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Security Engineer (CCTV / Access) required by family run business providing quality security installations and maintenance throughout the South and East based in the Norwich area. We are now looking to recruit

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norfolklive on Twitter

Hayleigh Colombo, Louisville Journal-Courier 6:03 a.m.

EST November 14, 2013

Subaru employee John Dickenson removes a protective plastic dust cover from a transmission at the Lafayette, Ind., plant in this 2008 file photo(Photo: Tom Strickland for USA TODAY)

Story Highlights

  • Toyota Camrys will no longer be made at Subaru s plant in Lafayette, Ind.
  • Toyota has decided not to renew a five-year contract
  • Subaru is partially owned by Toyota

LOUISVILLE, Ky. Toyota Camry no longer will come off the assembly line in 2017 at Subaru of Indiana Automotive s factory in Lafayette.

SIA s five-year contract with Toyota will not be renewed another time, Subaru executives said Wednesday. The Lafayette plant has built Camrys alongside Subaru s Legacy, Outback and Tribeca models since 2007.

The contract is expected to finish by the end of 2016.

Based on changes in Toyota s production plans, they have decided that the award-winning Camry production contract will not be renewed, said Tom Easterday, SIA s executive vice president.

Toyota is the top shareholder in Subaru, holding a 16.5 percent stake in the company.

Easterday said he does not expect any reduction in SIA s workforce in light of the announcement, but an announcement the company made back in May about adding hundreds of jobs may not come to fruition as quickly as he expected.

Subaru executives announced in May that the Lafayette plant will begin producing the Impreza by the end of 2016.

That was to add 900 jobs to SIA s workforce of 3,600.

Easterday said the jobs created by the Impreza expansion will more than offset any Camry-related loss.

There will be no loss of jobs at SIA as a result of this, Easterday said. We also know there are future projects that Subaru has in mind for our plant that should add several hundred jobs in the future, possibly by 2018.

The Toyota Camry, which is also built at a plant in Georgetown, Ky., is America s best-selling car. When the first one rolled off the line in Lafayette, it was the result of a $230 million investment that gave SIA the capacity to produce 100,000 Camrys a year.

Easterday said the announcement came as a surprise.

We had been informed back in the spring that we would be building the next generation Camry, Easterday said.

Despite the news, Easterday said expansions to the paint shop, engine assembly shop and trim shop will continue.

Employees who primarily worked on Camry production will be retrained to work on Subarus.

Camry leaving Lafayette means the plant could end up producing another Subaru model, Easterday said.

Even though we d like to continue producing the Camry, Easterday said, this decision does open up the possibility of SIA s production of another Subaru (model).

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Toyota pulling Camry from Subaru s Indiana plant


Pictured: Left Conor Powers (Guarding Manager) and Right Gary Powers (Managing Director/Owner)

Gary Powers, Managing Director and Owner, Regency Security Group and Mantra Nightclub in Norwich is now proud sponsor of an official box at Norwich City Football Club.

Regency Security Group are the largest provider of door supervisors to the late night economy across Norwich and Norfolk.

Mantra Nightclub have also teamed up with Norwich City FC and in true Mantra style, we will be hosting our Official Norwich City Football Club Season Opening Celebration Saturday August 8th.

Mantra Nightclub is located in the heart of Norwich City Centre Nightlife and is host to regular events and VIPs offering an atmospheric lounge bar, a dynamic nightclub, a luxurious VIP lounge and Secret Garden.

It is host to the biggest nights in Norwich including Matt Jam Lamont appearing this Bank Holiday Sunday 30th August.

For information about Mantra Nightclub and to book tables visit


  1. ^36 (

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