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Mid Level Intelligence Analyst With Security Clearance Jobs …

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MidLevel All Source Analyst – IRAP

Firebird Analytical Solutions & TechnologiesBolling AFB, DC

Education, Skills, & Clearance Requirements*. Firebird AST is looking for several experienced MidLevel All Source IRAP/Infrastructure Intelligence Analysts to…

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Sponsored2 Intelligence Analyst with Security Clearance
Obsidian Solutions Group 2 reviewsIndian Head, MD4 Intelligence Analyst 587 Primary Location:. Supervise, train, and certify junior and midlevel intelligence analysts supporting deployed CEXC platoons…. Sponsored by ClearanceJobs.com3 Celestar Corporation 7 reviews5Fort Bragg, NC Cypher LLCArlington, VA Cyber Analyst
Eligibility to obtain a security clearance.

Work with Security Analysts and Engineers to develop and enhance cyber security solutions to support a global… Sponsored6

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Mid Level Intelligence Analyst With Security Clearance Jobs …

Door Supervisor training courses classes Hotcourses

It might seem unusual, but door supervisor courses are on the increase as more and more individuals choose to work in the security industry. Door supervisors work to maintain the security of customers in pubs, nightclubs and licensed venues all over the country. As all jobs in the security industry, both the working hours and job description can be challenging, so there are a number of things to consider before signing up to a training course. What s more, in order to legally work as a door supervisor in the UK, you will need to pass a course and apply for the SIA Door Supervision license.1234

Why do I need to do a course?

By law, unless a company or employer has been given exception, it is a criminal offence to undertake the activities of a door supervisor without a license.

Door supervising requires you to make quick judgements to guarantee the safety of yourself and others, so training is a must5. Some courses will require you to attend an interview before enrolling, and most will have a minimum age requirement of 18, as you cannot apply for your license until you reach this age. The license will cost 220 and last for three years, but cannot be applied for without completion of Level 2 National Certificate in Door Supervision.

There are two parts of most training courses6 and the entire training will last approximately 30 hours, including two exams.

In this time you will cover general health and safety and fire information. Unlike working in an office, there are legal requirements that must be covered before getting the job, such as understanding elements of civil and criminal law, drug legislation and licensing laws. In certain circumstances door supervisors will need to work with the police to report incidents or preserve a crime scene, so this will usually be covered on a course.

As a door supervisor7, the members of the public you deal with will often not be the easiest to reason with after having a drink, so communication skills and conflict management is vital. A course8 will help you learn how to assess and reduce the risk of conflict, as well as how to communicate in a way that deescalates the situation.

What will I do on the job?

Before signing up to a training course9, it s a good idea to find out more about what you will be doing when you get the job.

As a door supervisor your duties can include judging the security of people entering the premises, maintaining order, watching behaviour and safe guarding the well being of customers in the premises. When working in a large venue your role could also include elements of crowd management, avoiding crushing and queue jumping. You will work closely with the police, first aiders and management of the venue.

As a door supervisor10, you have the power to arrest a member of the public seen possessing drugs or weapons on the premises, before handing them over to the police.


When working on the security team for venue entry, you may be required to search bags, collect tickets and ask for ID as customers enter the premises. Yet laws state that under no circumstances can door supervisors forcibly search anyone, and full strip searches are never to be carried out by door staff. As a condition of entry it is acceptable to insist on pat down searches, although for your own safety it is recommended that you only ever search someone of the same sex.

Physical intervention
Door supervisors11 need to be physically fit, as part of the job involves restraint techniques when removing unruly people from the venue.

A course12 will help develop the skills needed for this part of the job, ensuring you follow the correct procedure. Before exerting physical force, you should explain what rule they have breached, and inform them that if they do not leave you will have to call the police. The law states you should use no more force than necessary and once the ejected customer is on the street, you have no power over them and any forceful behaviour could be seen as a crime.

Reading non-verbal communication

Aggressive behaviour is not always verbal, so you will need to be vigilant to all forms of communication. A training course13 may cover how to recognise hostile signals and avoid conflict.

Another part of the job is being able to control the signals and messages you give out with your own body language, remaining calm and assertive when removing people from the premises.

Am I right for this job?

In order to succeed as a door supervisor14 you will need to be able to control your anger and have the ability to make decisions quickly. The job requires you to work with angry and unreasonable members of the public, so patience and the ability to hold your tongue is a must! You will need to be able to make fair judgements of people and not discriminate against age, sex or race.

Working hours will depend on the venue but you will be required to work at busy times, so working as a door supervisor will often involve evening and weekend work making it a great part time job.

As mentioned above, being physically fit is important as you will be standing outside for long periods of time.

You will also be expected to work outside in all weathers and inside in hot, noisy and smoky conditions.


Door supervisors are usually paid hourly and will earn 8- 13 per hour.

To search for more door supervisor training courses15 use our site, and filter by price and location to find the best one for you.

With plenty of part time and evening options available, we are sure you will find something to meet your needs.


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Door Supervisor training courses classes Hotcourses

IBM – IT Security – Defend your IT system with risk-resistant solutions …

IT Security

Defend your IT systems with risk-resistant
solutions from IBM

The continuous proliferation of malicious code and expanding hacker sophistication are formidable challenges. For medium size companies the IT security risks are enormous. Focused on their core business, many adopt a “set it and forget it” policy, leaving systems and data open to exposures from viruses, malware, hackers, and more.

With liabilities ranging from catastrophic downtime to non-compliance penalties, organisations must approach IT security as a continuous, company-wide business discipline. The very nature of today’s security threats leaves little margin for error, so the most effective security management strategy will be pre-emptive.

IBM s IT security expertise can help any business develop, implement and maintain comprehensive, adaptable strategies to combat the proliferation and expanding sophistication of malicious attacks without increasing complexity, cost, or resources required for administration. Security threats are always evolving–be sure that your security system can evolve to fight them.

Achieving end-to-end information security: five critical steps.1
Information is one of the greatest sources of value creation for organizations today, with nearly every aspect of an enterprise dependent on a continuous flow of data.

Think of it as currency freely traded across and beyond the organization, it can yield a significant return on investment.

IBM Mobile security.2
Delivering confidence in achieving mobile security and productivity by mitigating operational risk.

IBM X-Force Trend & Risk Report.3
Read this comprehensive white paper and learn about: – The changing nature of the threat landscape. – How to detect different kinds of threats in your environment. – Emerging technologies that can help you mitigate threats.


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IBM – IT Security – Defend your IT system with risk-resistant solutions …

Broadland Guarding Services Limited ACS Pacesetters

Amanda Geary - Managing Director
Main contact:Amanda Geary Managing Director

Who are we?

Since its inception in 1990, Broadland Guarding Services has built a solid reputation for innovation and involvement in the industry that has helped to shape current practices and procedures. The company was among the first in the industry to achieve the OSHAS18001 Health and Safety Accreditation and through focussing on the development of employees, Investor In People status. In 2005, Broadland Guarding Services was one of the first in the industry to apply for and be granted SIA Approved Contractor s accreditation under a special Fast Track process, later achieving confirmed ACS Status accreditation for security guarding, key holding and the provision of control room management and CCTV (PSS) staff.

They were also one of the first to gain the ISO14001 the national accreditation for businesses that take a holistic and strategic approach to reducing their impact on the environment. Broadland Guarding Services holds accreditation and certification from all the appropriate UKAS accredited bodies and is committed to supplying fully trained security staff, whose abilities and personalities are matched with the assignments to which they are allocated. It is a source of immense pride, that our NOCN registered Security Training facilities train not only our own staff to the highest standard, they also train staff from other organisations.

We are committed to remaining at the leading edge, continually developing new services such as remote monitoring and virtual guarding and providing top quality security services to a broad range of blue chip customers in both the private and public sector.


North East,North West,South East,South West,East Midlands,West Midlands,London

Services Offered:

Manned Guarding Services, CCTV (PSS) Monitoring and Control Room Management, 24/7 Mobile Response, Key Holding, NOCN Registered Security Training.

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Latest News

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Apply now to join the Pacesetters

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If your company has an ACS score of +128, why miss out on the commercial advantages of The ACS Pacesetters membership?

Click here to apply3

ACS Pacesetters is a division of

FM Contract Watch LLP, PO Box 199, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 0BY

Tel: 01844 260 350
email: [email protected]

Company Registration No: OC372624

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Broadland Guarding Services Limited ACS Pacesetters

FIND JOB – Alpha Security Solutions Ltd is committed to providing …

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FIND JOB – Alpha Security Solutions Ltd is committed to providing …

QB culturally appropriates Hawaiian culture to pay off bet

Carson Palmer, quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, was caught committing a microaggression (or maybe even a macroaggression!) before today s game against the Green Bay Packers when he dressed up a as a hula girl complete with skirt and makeshift bra to pay off a bet of some sort1.

Check it out:

We re joking, of course.

But it will be fun to watch libs have a meltdown over this!



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QB culturally appropriates Hawaiian culture to pay off bet

Man Found Guilty Of Norwich Hotel Rape

19th July 2013, 22:28

A 21 year old man has been found guilty of raping a woman in Norwich city centre after she got split up from her friend on a night out.

Andrew Oruovo found guilty of Norwich rape

Andrew Oruovo, of Thameshead, Kent, was convicted by a jury at Norwich Crown Court today Friday 19 July 2013 following a five-day trial.

The court heard how Nigerian born Oruovo had approached the 24-year-old victim during the early hours of Saturday 21 April 2012.

The woman had been on a night out in the city with a group of friends, but had become separated, and after being refused entry to a nightclub had ended up on her own in the Prince of Wales Road area of the city.

Oruovo started to talk to the victim, who had been drinking heavily, and after a short time walked her to a nearby hotel where he raped her.

Following the incident the victim escaped the hotel and was found by a passer-by who called the police.

Det Sgt Catherine Twiss, of Norfolk Constabulary’s Rape Investigation Unit, said: “Oruovo took advantage of a young woman who had clearly had a lot to drink and was in a vulnerable state.

“The fact Oruovo pleaded not guilty meant she has had to relive her experience in the court room which has proven an immensely stressful experience.”

Oruovo was remanded in custody to appear in court on Friday 9 August 2013 when he will be sentenced.

Det Sgt Twiss added: “The victim in this case has been incredibly brave and we hope this result will encourage other victims of violence and serious sexual assault to contact us.

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Man Found Guilty Of Norwich Hotel Rape


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SIA warns of job scams

SiaSamp The Security Industry Authority (SIA11) is working with the City of London Police s22 National Fraud Intelligence Bureau to raise awareness of an online scam. It involves phoney online adverts offering training or jobs in private security, using the names of real employees within genuine recruitment agencies.

After submitting a CV, someone is offered a job and requested to pay an up-front fee of around 50, through an online money transfer, to carry out a criminal records check or uniform fitting.

After paying the fee, the recruitment agent may then claim that the e-money payment has failed and that the victim must submit a further e-money voucher code to continue with the application; this extra step is purely to maximise the fraudster s gain after seeing the victim is interested.

The victim is then asked to attend an interview or induction session, at a multi-purpose business venue, such as a conference centre.

The company offering employment is later found not to exist or the genuine recruiter has no knowledge of the contact details used by the suspects.

There are steps that you can take to ensure that offers for training or jobs are real, these include:

Research the company offering the service, check their website for contact details and make contact with them.- Be aware of advertisements with free e-mail addresses such as Gmail or Hotmail.- Be aware of any advertisement requesting payment upfront, especially through online methods using e-money payments.- Research the training company using the SIA s training provider search tool on the SIA website.

The Security Industry Authority points out that the cost of a criminal records check is included in the SIA licence application fee.

For further advice visit the NFIB s website: 33


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SIA warns of job scams