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IBM – IT Security – Defend your IT system with risk-resistant solutions …

IT Security

Defend your IT systems with risk-resistant
solutions from IBM

The continuous proliferation of malicious code and expanding hacker sophistication are formidable challenges. For medium size companies the IT security risks are enormous. Focused on their core business, many adopt a “set it and forget it” policy, leaving systems and data open to exposures from viruses, malware, hackers, and more.

With liabilities ranging from catastrophic downtime to non-compliance penalties, organisations must approach IT security as a continuous, company-wide business discipline. The very nature of today’s security threats leaves little margin for error, so the most effective security management strategy will be pre-emptive.

IBM s IT security expertise can help any business develop, implement and maintain comprehensive, adaptable strategies to combat the proliferation and expanding sophistication of malicious attacks without increasing complexity, cost, or resources required for administration. Security threats are always evolving–be sure that your security system can evolve to fight them.

Achieving end-to-end information security: five critical steps.1
Information is one of the greatest sources of value creation for organizations today, with nearly every aspect of an enterprise dependent on a continuous flow of data.

Think of it as currency freely traded across and beyond the organization, it can yield a significant return on investment.

IBM Mobile security.2
Delivering confidence in achieving mobile security and productivity by mitigating operational risk.

IBM X-Force Trend & Risk Report.3
Read this comprehensive white paper and learn about: – The changing nature of the threat landscape. – How to detect different kinds of threats in your environment. – Emerging technologies that can help you mitigate threats.


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IBM – IT Security – Defend your IT system with risk-resistant solutions …

FIND JOB – Alpha Security Solutions Ltd is committed to providing …

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FIND JOB – Alpha Security Solutions Ltd is committed to providing …

Man Found Guilty Of Norwich Hotel Rape

19th July 2013, 22:28

A 21 year old man has been found guilty of raping a woman in Norwich city centre after she got split up from her friend on a night out.

Andrew Oruovo found guilty of Norwich rape

Andrew Oruovo, of Thameshead, Kent, was convicted by a jury at Norwich Crown Court today Friday 19 July 2013 following a five-day trial.

The court heard how Nigerian born Oruovo had approached the 24-year-old victim during the early hours of Saturday 21 April 2012.

The woman had been on a night out in the city with a group of friends, but had become separated, and after being refused entry to a nightclub had ended up on her own in the Prince of Wales Road area of the city.

Oruovo started to talk to the victim, who had been drinking heavily, and after a short time walked her to a nearby hotel where he raped her.

Following the incident the victim escaped the hotel and was found by a passer-by who called the police.

Det Sgt Catherine Twiss, of Norfolk Constabulary’s Rape Investigation Unit, said: “Oruovo took advantage of a young woman who had clearly had a lot to drink and was in a vulnerable state.

“The fact Oruovo pleaded not guilty meant she has had to relive her experience in the court room which has proven an immensely stressful experience.”

Oruovo was remanded in custody to appear in court on Friday 9 August 2013 when he will be sentenced.

Det Sgt Twiss added: “The victim in this case has been incredibly brave and we hope this result will encourage other victims of violence and serious sexual assault to contact us.

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Man Found Guilty Of Norwich Hotel Rape