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SIA warns of job scams

SiaSamp The Security Industry Authority (SIA11) is working with the City of London Police s22 National Fraud Intelligence Bureau to raise awareness of an online scam. It involves phoney online adverts offering training or jobs in private security, using the names of real employees within genuine recruitment agencies.

After submitting a CV, someone is offered a job and requested to pay an up-front fee of around 50, through an online money transfer, to carry out a criminal records check or uniform fitting.

After paying the fee, the recruitment agent may then claim that the e-money payment has failed and that the victim must submit a further e-money voucher code to continue with the application; this extra step is purely to maximise the fraudster s gain after seeing the victim is interested.

The victim is then asked to attend an interview or induction session, at a multi-purpose business venue, such as a conference centre.

The company offering employment is later found not to exist or the genuine recruiter has no knowledge of the contact details used by the suspects.

There are steps that you can take to ensure that offers for training or jobs are real, these include:

Research the company offering the service, check their website for contact details and make contact with them.- Be aware of advertisements with free e-mail addresses such as Gmail or Hotmail.- Be aware of any advertisement requesting payment upfront, especially through online methods using e-money payments.- Research the training company using the SIA s training provider search tool on the SIA website.

The Security Industry Authority points out that the cost of a criminal records check is included in the SIA licence application fee.

For further advice visit the NFIB s website: 33


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SIA warns of job scams

Artists Respond to Grammy Nominations Rolling Stone

Last night’s Grammy nominations announcements brought both the expected (Adele, Kanye and Lady Gaga) and the unexpected (Bon Iver and Mumford & Sons getting nods in both the Record and Song of the Year categories). But no moment brought about more of a “holy shit!” response than 23-year-old Dubstep favorite Skrillex, who broke into the prestigious Best New Artist category alongside Nicki Minaj and country success story the Band Perry.

Skrillex’s nomination, the first in that category for a dance artist, was hailed by L.A. DJ Jason Bentley1 as “a historic event for electronic music” on his Twitter.

Count Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore) among those who were blown away. Talking to Rolling Stone this morning, he said, “It s now just starting to hit me.”

Landing five nominations still seems unreal to him. “I didn t even think it was ever possible for any nomination maybe Dubstep Music Awards, which happened this year in London. But I didn t think I would have any nominations for anything like Grammys,” said Moore.

Moore’s surprise was totally justified, but 2011 performer Bruno Mars told press backstage he wasn’t so shocked by his six nods. “What do you think I’m doing this for fun?” he quipped.

Getting serious, he said he was very happy with “Grenade” being chosen in both the Record and Song of the Year categories. “It feels incredible,” Mars said. “That’s the song we worked the hardest on.

That’s our trophy right there.”

Mars performed on the awards telecast this past year, and with his six nominations he seems likely to be asked to play again this year. The Grammys are, of course, famed for their duets. If he could pick his dream partner, who would it be? “Prince, for sure,” he said. “If he’s listening, my number is 1-800-Grenade.”

Skrillex picked what might be a more obvious choice. “It would be cool to do something with the Doors, because I just did a track with them,” he told us, referring to his work with the classic band on the upcoming ReGeneration film.

Skrillex’s fellow Best New Artist nominees the Band Perry tipped their hand last night to their own perfect Grammy pairing when they threw a snippet of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'” into their performance on the nominations special. “We ve always been in love with Tom Petty,” Kimberly Perry told Rolling Stone. “He s a huge influence of ours just his songwriting sensibility.”

Though the group has been performing the song since the summer, they have yet to hear from Petty.

They hope that will change, now that they have done it on national TV. “Our fingers are crossed anytime we play that live that someone who knows him or is a friend of someone will pass the word along,” Reid Perry says. “I guess you figured us out,” Kimberly added, laughing. “We simply played ‘Free Fallin” to try and get a response from Tom Petty.”

Adele, Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars Nominated for Top Grammy Awards
The Grammys: Who Will Win the Key Catgories23


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Artists Respond to Grammy Nominations Rolling Stone

Norfolk police step up holiday patrols to protect shoppers

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Norfolk, Va. – It’s the season of giving, shopping and spending money.

Unfortunately, for criminals, that also means the season of lots of opportunities.

“With large crowds come folks that are there for the wrong reason, as we know,” says Jim Wofford, General Manager of the MacArthur Center in downtown Norfolk.

That reason is why Norfolk Police tell NewsChannel 3 that they are stepping up their holiday patrols.

At the MacArthur Center, Wofford says shoppers will see security both inside the mall and out in the parking garages.

However, both police and mall officials say shopper safety starts with the shoppers themselves.

Norfolk Police Department Public Information Officer Daniel Hudson recommends that shoppers leave big, flashy purses at home.

“Bring your cash, but don’t bring a lot of cash, have your credit cards and keep those in your front pockets,” says Officer Hudson. “Make sure your hands are free don’t have anything in your hands.”

Additionally, the quick trip from inside the mall to the parking lot, according to Wofford and Hudson, is when shoppers need to be aware.

The first step is to not carry too many bags.

“Go to the car and place them in your trunk then go back and complete your shopping,” says Wofford.

When you do leave items in your car, Officer Hudson says it is important to hide them completely out of sight.

Overall, he says, the best thing people can do is not let the holiday craze distract them.

“The biggest thing I want people to be aware of is to be aware of their surroundings and trust their instincts while shopping.”

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Norfolk police step up holiday patrols to protect shoppers