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Dragons on the menu and lurking from shop windows! –


Norwich s Heritage Economic and Regeneration Trust (HEART) is calling on city centre businesses to let dragons take over their shops! As part of the Norwich Dragon Festival (10-23 February 2014), HEART, organisers of the festival, are inviting shops and caf s to participate in an exciting competition which will see special dragon menus and shop-window displays across the city.

Businesses can let their imagination run riot by either creating a fun and fantastical dragon-themed window display for the festival, or can warm up their customers with a fiery dragon-themed special menu (please note, no dragons should be harmed or consumed!).

All shops and caf s need to do is to email their plans to [email protected]1 and have their windows and menus in place for the week beginning 10th February 2014. Judging will take place during the festival, and the winning entry in each category will be offered a free bespoke training session on the Norwich Ambassador Scheme for up to 15 members of staff (worth up to 750).

Look out for special dragon-themed menus during the festival from Hot Chip, the Mustard Coffee Shop and the Maids Head Hotel, and creative window displays at Ye Old English Sweet Shop, Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich Cathedral Shop, Maids Head Hotel and Komikku comic book store.

Lord Somerleyton, owner of Hot Chip, supports the Norwich Dragon Festival and said: Get some dragon fire in your belly, and slay some delicious HOT CHIPs with a fiery chilli dusting!

The Maids Head Hotel are working with Magdalen Gates Primary School to create dragon models which will be on display throughout the hotel s public rooms during the festival and visitors will be encouraged to vote for their favourite. The hotel is also offering a dragon-themed menu throughout the festival and a dragon package for overnight stays.

Christine Malcolm, General Manager, the Maids Head Hotel said: Our dragon-making competition with Magdalen Gates Primary School is the first project in a new partnership with the school. We will be developing activities with the staff to help the students learn about Norwich s history and traditions.

We are really looking forward to the Dragon Festival and hope to see lots of visitors in the Maids Head viewing the children s dragons and voting for their favourite.

The Norwich Dragon Festival 2014: Warming Up Winter takes place from 10-23 February, and features over 70 dragon-related activities and events over two weeks, including half-term. Dragon-seekers of all ages will enjoy dragon performances, quests and tours, films, competitions, arts and craft activities, puppet shows, dragon trails, storytelling, talks, exhibitions and displays.

Organised by Norwich s Heritage Economic and Regeneration Trust (HEART), with support from the Norwich Business Improvement District (BID), The Forum, and Norwich Town Close Estate Charity, and venues around the city getting involved, the festival includes a wide range of events themed around dragons, to promote heritage to a broad audience during the post-Christmas depths of winter. Dragons have been a heraldic symbol closely associated with the city of Norwich since the Middle Ages and today dragons are still visible across the city s architecture and feature in many city celebrations.

The first two Norwich Dragon Festivals ran in 2009 and 2011, with the latter attracting 75,000 visitors and generating an economic impact on the local economy of 400,000.

Madeleine Coupe, Projects Development Officer of Norwich HEART, and co-ordinator of the festival, said: We re very excited about the forthcoming Dragon Festival. There are so many different organisations from across the city involved, it really is going to be a citywide event! We would love fun and fantastical dragons to be found in all corners of the city, and are inviting shops and cafes to participate in an exciting competition.

If you run a shop or caf , then Shop Window Dragons is your chance to get involved and let your imagination run riot.

Stefan Gurney, BID said: Norwich Business Improvement District (BID) is proud to be supporting the 3rd Norwich Dragon Festival. The festival will enliven and add to the vibrancy of the city and we encourage all businesses to embrace this amazing event by getting creative and entering the shop window and menu competition. We have seen how effective citywide events are at bringing thousands of people into Norwich, so get involved!

This is an excellent opportunity for local businesses to really get involved with the festival, and we look forward to seeing a diverse range of dragon-inspired creativity throughout the city in February.

Businesses interested in the competition should send details of their display or menu to [email protected]2, and they will then be entered into the competition.

For more details about the Norwich Dragon Festival, visit or pick up a brochure, or follow on Twitter [email protected], @NorwichHEART and #NorwichDragonFestival, or on Facebook at Norwich HEART or Norwich Dragon Festival.

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Fanboy Fail Friday!A Diss From Meryl Streep!Scotty Waves A Six …

Oh my gosh, it s friday and so much to post!
I m loving it!

First off is Fanboy Fail Friday!

Now, there are times when you go out, knowing there s a 20% chance someone will be nice and do. But if you don t go, and they do it, you will kick yourself for months or years. Case in point Harrison Ford stopping his car last year.

Who knew?

Scotty and I headed out for a double bill that included Joseph Gordon Levitt and Meryl Streep. I know I know Why do I torture myself?

Scotty thought, I ll make signs! We ll get Christmas lights, we can make it happen..

mmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I was like the second person on the scene and was joined by a couple other fans. I did run into MTF reader Jamie and we were able to chat for a bit which was nice! I love talking to people who read the site.

Scotty arrived and he sign making commenced.

meryl streep ignoring waiting fans jimmy kimmel live 1

Now, this sign was taller than me.

Seriously, it was over six feet four inches long. We had it on boards.

meryl streep ignoring waiting fans jimmy kimmel live 1

meryl streep ignoring waiting fans jimmy kimmel live 1

meryl streep ignoring waiting fans jimmy kimmel live 1

I m not really here for Joseph Gordon Levitt, I ll be honest, I have a poster with me in case the 5% chance he does it comes through, but we are really here for Meryl.

So, we wait.

Joseph arrives and darts in without a wave or anything. Standard.

meryl streep ignoring waiting fans jimmy kimmel live 1

Now, it s on for Meryl.

There s only six of us.

The door opens Meryl arrives. Scotty is louder than marines on shore leave drinking in a bar while watching football. No response.

Finally just as Meryl gets to the door, she looks over at us, sees the sign and gives a half wave and goes in.


Not the response we were hoping for.


So we wait. We talk about the weather, current events, you know the usual. The darkness sets in and then as the end is in sight, security sets up a barricade in front of us and puts about 30 teenagers there.

Uhhhhhh Wha?

We tell security they are wrong, the security is new, and we tell them what to do, finally they move every one, and then the put a barricade on the other side of the ally.

Off we go!

Joseph Gordon Levitt darts out. Standard x2

We move to the other side were it s closer and lit up. There are only a few of us, maybe eight.

Meryl Streep is taking extra time inside because she s shooting something extra and then The car pulls up at the door, moving whichever way the crowd isn t.


meryl streep ignoring waiting fans jimmy kimmel live 1

And then Meryl exits, we yell and she ignores.


Not that I expected anything different, but it s sure disappointing.

The sad crumpled sign lay in wreckage.


Until next time kids

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A Diss From Meryl Streep!

Scotty Waves A Six … appeared first on Broadland Security.

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Private firm Circle expecting to make money from Hinchingbrooke …

Circle the private healthcare firm is expecting to make money from Hinchingbrooke Hospital for the first time in the next financial year.

The company, which will enter its third year of running the Huntingdon hospital on Saturday, expects to balance, or nearly balance, the 2013/14 books from a forecast of a 10million deficit. Hisham Abdel-Rahman, who was appointed hospital chief executive last year, said he expected there to be a budget surplus in Circle s third year. As part of the franchise, Circle is entitled to keep the first 2m of the surplus, with any excess used to make a dent in Hinchingbrooke s historic 38m debt.

In order to clear the debt, Circle will need to have a budget surplus of about 6.75m in each of the remaining eight years of its contract. If it achieves this, it would trigger a 31m reward. While the figures are large, Circle states that getting the financial side correct allows for a secure hospital, secure staff and better care.

Mr Abdel-Rahman said: Two years ago, Hinchingbrooke was on the verge of closing. We were overwhelmed by financial problems and, too often, patients didn t get the care they deserved. Today, our hospital has been transformed.

We are consistently ranked one of the top hospitals in the country by patients, and health inspectors have given us a clean bill of health. Most importantly, our hospital has been secured for the future. Hinchingbrooke is seen as a secure place people would like to work, Mr Abdel-Rahman said, and since 2012 has taken on 40 new consultants.

They want to come here because they are attracted to the clinically-led hospital and now there is also more job security than before. That has seen a fall in locum costs of more than half to 160,000 a month the chief executive said it was still too high and a fall in staff turnover. He said: We are looking to be more productive, more integrated and have more of a network.

Being more productive means being more efficient. A lot of departments have been putting together ways of being more innovative, and some will come into force in April. The departments are also looking at our IT system and how we can become an e-hospital.

Hinchingbrooke is also leading a forum involving community and social services, the ambulance service and others to respond to increasing demand for health services and improve community care, reducing dependency on the hospital. Other plans include close ties with the community, such as inviting schools into the hospital so children are less daunted if they are admitted, an improved apprentice scheme, and the launch of a dementia friend project where volunteers spend time with people with dementia or who are lonely. Circle also has plans to expand, Mr Adbel-Rahman said.

It has bid to run the George Eliot Hospital, in Nuneaton, and is looking at applying to manage Peterborough City Hospital a tender process is expected to start in April.

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